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If it sounds like fascism and smells like fascism and looks like fascism

Then it is.

Here's a good idea for closing hotels - let the humans work and find their own accomodation.

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Saviour Suella rouses Tory faithful with speech of batshit and bile

I am a hate figure because I tell the truth, she lied. Not even the most deranged Tory thinks Labour has an open borders policy. The reason shes a hate figure is because theres plenty to hate.

The fruits of austerity - at last the Government have realised that we don't have enough prison places after a decade or more of cost-cutting:

'The Justice Secretary Alex Chalk has announced new measures that will allow the government to rent prison cells overseas to ensure dangerous offenders can be locked up for longer.'

8pm... time to dance!

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In the apportionment of parliamentary constituencies is related to rather than data. has estimated that under registration in deprived areas is worth about thirty seats to the - about what I have reckoned for the currently biased . So both are serious issues for democracy in the .

One of the things Im interested in is . So, I love following the hashtag on the fediverse. I get to see people using native plants in their gardens, talking about interesting species, and showing great gardening photos.

However, the native plant gardening community is pretty big. And the social web is a world-wide social network. So someone posting about native plants in Israel or UK or Australia isnt going to be posting about the same plants as I am. There are some shared practices and shared pain we all have to go through, but a lot of the specifics depend on where your garden is.

So, it would be neat to have a way to focus our posts about native plants on a specific area. One obvious choice is our political region say, the state, city or country that your garden is in. So tagging #QuebecNativePlants or #UKNativePlants, or #NativePlants #UK.

There are a couple of problems with this. First, plants and animals often cluster into ecological areas. So, desert plants and animals live in the desert swamp plants and animals live in the wetlands. If youre trying to match your garden to the local ecosystem, planting desert plants in the wetlands isnt going to work!

Many countries, states, and even cities encompass multiple ecological areas. So, Quebec native plants could mean plants native to the St. Laurent River lowlands, to the Appalachian mountains, or to the Alpine tundra of the far north. And the ecological areas extend past the borders of any region or country my region has more in common with the ecology of Vermont and the Adirondacks than it does with that of the Atlantic coast.

So, I think it would be nice to tag our photos and posts with information about our local ecological area, and not worry so much about political borders.

The good news is that there are ecologists who have carefully studied the extent and boundaries of ecological areas worldwide. Even better news is that they often agree pretty well about the rough boundaries of these areas.

The bad news is that they dont always use the exact same names for the regions. And, of course, the names are language dependent weve got different names in English and French here in Quebec for the same ecoregions.

My garden is at the border () of the WWFs ecoregion and the ecoregion. But the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) calls the same places Northern Appalachians and Atlantic Maritime Highlands and Eastern Great Lakes and Hudson Lowlands.

There are also codes to be used. The CEC calls these areas 5.3.1 and 8.1.1, in their dotted-number format. But the WWF calls them NA0410 and NA0226.

I think the right thing to do is use the WWF names and/or the WWF codes. They have worldwide coverage, unlike the CEC or EPA or ECCC ones. They are kind of long to write out, though!

I really like the fediverses hashtag culture, and I think this is something we can work out with practice. At worst, well put multiple tags on the same post, so more people can find it. Its not really that bad!

#NativePlants #QuebecNativePlants #UK #UKNativePlants

It's easy to see why & Russians have so much contempt for most democratic nations, because we have actively enabled oligarchs to infiltrate and corrupt our democratic systems, bribe their way through our national policies, sponsor divisive media outlets, and use aggressive against us.

Lawlessness and in democracies is the corrosive liquid that could kill them.

Putin's network of continues to operate freely.

Wake up

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Getting scammed can be stressful and impact your emotional wellbeing.
If youre worried about a scam, there are organisations you can talk to


Plus many of us who have been boosted in the last couple of weeks in England have not had the latest update so not sure how effective it will be against the latest variants.

Inquiry: WhatsApp messages reveal 'infighting' at start of .


UK fails to plan and has run out of defense equipment that it could give to Ukraine, The Telegraph reports, citing an unnamed military leaker. According to the spy, London will continue to supply weapons to Kyiv, but Ukraine needs air defense systems and artillery ammunition, and Britain has "run out of all of that."

Ukraine adds Chinese oil, gas companies to
'international sponsors of war' list

Weather at 6pm on Tue 3 Oct is settled fine, 13C, pressure rising fast and 0.2mm rain. Humidity is 78%.

Trans hospital patients in England to be banned from female- and male-only wards Transgender The Guardian

News at 6PM: At the Conservative party conference, Justice Secretary Alex Chalk and Home Secretary Suella Braverman delivered speeches. Chalk announced Jade's Law, stripping partner killers of parental rights. Braverman addressed immigration issues, warning of a migration 'hurricane' and insisting on legal routes to asylum. Rishi Sunak spoke about HS2 and increasing medical staff training during his BBC interview. The second part of the inquiry has begun.

Pink News: EHRC a laughing stock as it appoints anti-trans figures to Scottish committee

"Britain has designated a plan to build a subsea cable carrying renewable energy from Morocco as a project of "national significance", which could help smooth planning hurdles."

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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The world's longest subsea cable that will send clean energy from to the just got a big boost morocco

Mood 's 1990 cover of 's "Here I Am (Come And Take Me).

Let us all hope that the does not intervene to block this!

Today : 2023-10-03 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

More than 90 British universities urged to divest from fossil fuel funders

: Fixed Weir 3, Bustlehome Weir
: weir
: Photo by ell brown on Flickr

Next Stop: Headbolt Lane 80m station served by s first battery powered to open this week - City Region Combined Authority

Headbolt Lane station set to open on Thursday 5 October.

The Government is stripping councils of the power to keep dirty, dangerous traffic away from our schools.

This is a threat to our children's lives.

Please sign the emergency petition.

Der zustndige Minister fr Gesundheit im hat Plne fr das angeschlagene Gesundheitswesen und widmet sich einem aus seiner Sicht wichtigem Thema: "Wokery"
Er kndigt an, Frauen aus weiblich gegenderten Stationen in Kliniken verbannen zu wollen.

Trans Personen sind ohnehin schon beim Zugang zu Gesundheit benachteiligt, dies wird sich dadurch nochmal deutlich verstrken.

I like it when someone brings a ladder and repaints to the top of the wall! That happens a few times a year. "20th century writers"

Awards collected lots of handclapping

"Britain last month experienced its joint-warmest September on record, facing temperatures that would have been "practically impossible" without human-induced climate change, its national weather forecaster said on Monday."

Pink News: Drag Race UKs Kate Butch tells Tory ghouls to delete post comparing her to MP Tom Tugendhat

More throwbacks because meh. 2015 or so.

Ahh that's better, although I'm at a tight angle, at least this Long-tailed tit was facing me. (you get about 2 seconds before they move on).

dismisses Human Rights Act as the "Criminal Rights Act" in typically divisive speech at . We need a to rid ourselves of this criminal and all the other criminals in government in this most shameful period in our history.

Turn around! - Nope, this one did not comply.

Long-tailed tit

Huge fireball lights up sky after explosion in

A Bluetit photo taken from 20 ft below (looking straight up)

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