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I wouldn't be surprised if Count Binface was Banksy.

Anyways, just vote for the guy!

Hoping I feel better tomorrow. It's a bit sad going to bed at 8.30pm when it's still light -- I hated that as a child -- however it's also getting light about 5.30am.

The Destruction of Hoads Wood and the need for Rights of Nature

Ahora se entiende porque la farmacutica AztraZeneca() se blind de demandas en el 2020.

Hicieron el dinero y da igual lo que publiquen, nada les podrn hacer...


Invita a un conocido Wofnon

Seems is a bit fed up with the cons

Are they going to put down the dogs for the crimes and abuses of their owners
No wonder they are so violent if they've been breed in conditions like these, Human Shame!

Netflix 4 NEIL SEARS

Royal Air Force Museum London (Flickr 07.06.2023)

Freshfields boosts pay for newly qualified lawyers to 150,000

" isn't to the of , it will long-term in of the , , bring down our and end our on ."

Is Tory Tees Valley win a lifeline for Sunak

While won the for , beating candidate , after a very fractious campaign, the quote of the day belongs to one of the minor candidates standing, (no relation to ), who still beat the 's and said,
"It looks like I have defeated Britain First in an election.
Come on, you have to cheer about thatdown with fascism, up with Ceefax, what can I say


The US participates with israel in carrying out atrocities by knowingly providing weapons and funding to do so.

Rep. Katie Porter says the State Dept. is sitting on memos of human rights violations by Israel

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Labour Wins Landslide in Local UK Elections Amid Tory Crackdown on Migrants Truthout

Nearly two weeks after the British Conservative Party pushed through a proposal to deport asylum-seekers to Rwanda in what one lawyer called performative cruelty in the name of winning the general election expected later this year, the local election results announced throughout the day Friday made increasingly clear the ploy hadnt worked.

Elections expert John Curtice projected the Tories could ultimately lose up to 500 local council seats as vote counting continues into the weekend, following elections in which voters cast ballots for 2,661 seats.

The Conservatives have lost around half of the seats they are defending Curtice told BBC Radio.

We are probably looking at certainly one of the worst, if not the worst, Conservative performances in local government elections for the last 40 years, the polling expert said.

Curtice added that if the results were replicated in a general election, Labour would likely win 34% of the vote, with the Tories winning 25%five years after the right-wing party won in a landslide in the last nationwide contest.

Avanti West Coast

King Charles Becomes Royal British Legion Patron Following Review

Count Binface urges Sadiq Khan to adopt his policies: "He said he was pleased with his share of the vote having beaten the far-Right party Britain First, and hoped Mr Khan would adopt some of his policies"

Photo credit: Benjamin Cremel

is just wonderful

UK Defence Intelligence forecasts increase in Russian losses in the next 2 months

UK Defence Intelligence expects that in the next two months, Russian losses in the war against Ukraine will be greater due to offensive operations.

: Bridge 50, Stink Farm Bridge
: road bridge
: Photo by Andrew Batram on Flickr

flower industry thrown into chaos by new Brexit border checks

Firms said food and plant checks and names causing costly delays with lorries waiting hours in first week of post-EU regime

Of all the effects of , probably the least anticipated was that flower exporters and customs officials would have to learn Latin.

Have decided that what my weekend lacks is the old LWT telly logo music. .

Today in Labor History May 4, 1926: Workers started a General Strike in the U.K. Unions called the strike to force the government to prevent wage reductions for 1.2 million locked-out coal miners. The strike lasted until May 12. Over 1.7 million workers participated. However, the TUC (Trades Union Congress) limited participation to just a few unions because they feared the revolutionary potential of a full blown General Strike. In their newspaper, they wrote: The General Strike. . . is the road to anarchy.

"The UK cities most impacted by toxic air particles mapped"

No more 12345: devices with weak passwords to be banned in UK

manufacturers of phones, TVs and smart doorbells, among others, are now legally required to protect internet-connected devices against access by cybercriminals, with users prompted to change any common passwords.

Zombie Spice user poured boiling sugar water on sleeping prisoners face

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' is more apt here. Ursula is definitely center-right, but she is no like . Not unlike , the is a difficult lot to contend with along with the many along their borders. Focus on fixing the .

Dfaite lectorale pour les conservateurs

Congrats to on winning a third-term as 's Mayor. While running as a candidate, he does not represent Labour across the . He is his own man and should take many lessons from him before he begins to lead after . He is far from ready at this point.

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Is this really the problem In , the exports much of the that it creates from . You will not have a in the until you stop this behavior. : , , , , , ... will not solve it either. Throwing out the will go a long way however. .

A postwar British military investigation carried out on Alderney into the atrocities provided an extensive list of Alderney war criminals alongside evidence of their crimes. These criminals included the islands commandant, Major Carl Hoffman, who was in British custody. But in July 1945 the British government took the decision not to prosecute.

Starting to wonder if Labour was doing great expectations management on Sadiq Khan, because looks like he's strolling home as polls forecast (vs rumors and vibes yesterday)

Other explanation is typical Tory over confidence vs Labour doom-and-gloomism ever since 1992

Filling out online information for a Car Insurance quote. I'm appalled at the amount of personal information they want about me and my wife that can't possibly have anything to do with insuring a car. I HATE this level of intrusion but can't see any way to navigate this otherwise.

: why the doesnt have the to solve the

Our inadequate is stopping the of thousands of . And the necessary move to heating and cars is only increasing demand


2024 :

Hawthorn in full bloom

Russia's actions against newborns in occupied Luhansk Oblast considered genocide ISW (more)

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