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I would say the feeling was mutual Liz but we always thought you were a horrendous Wine Mum and fake.

We are not asking to choose between partners, David Cameron speaks on Britains relations with


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Het kind treft het wel weer hoor..
Rijlessen in de
1 mei iig theorie en hopelijk daarna snel klaar.

US Congress approves $95bn aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan (BBC News VIDEO)

President Biden says the U.S. will send weapons to Ukraine "within hours" (ABC News VIDEO)

The United Kingdom will send Paveway IV bombs to Ukraine as part of the next military package. This was reported by BBC correspondent Jonathan Beale. Paveway IV is a laser-guided precision bomb. It entered service with the Royal Air Force in 2008. It weighs 230 kg and has a (more)


Bus celebrates the mobilisation of Route 306 with an all-new fleet

Route 306's mobilisation is supported by an all-new fully EV fleet of Wrightbus Electroliners

Share generated by fossil fuels in Great Britain drops to record low


"How trees saved 153 lives in London in eight years"

The Voleon Group is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

UK accused by Amnesty of deliberately destabilising human rights globally Human rights The Guardian

"Rights chief also warns Britain will be judged harshly by history for its failure to help prevent civilian slaughter in Gaza"
"The UK has been accused by Amnesty International of deliberately destabilising human rights on the global stage for its own political ends."

For the first time, the UK will transfer high-precision Paveway IV bombs to Ukraine. The bombs have GPS/laser guidance and a range of over 30 km, depending on the release altitude, speed, and flight trajectory. They are produced by the British company Raytheon UK and are the latest version of the Paveway series. This weapon is used by the Royal Air Force and is likely to be used by the Royal Navy.

: Bridge 27, Horbury Basin
: towpath bridge
: Photo by Tony Lloyd on Flickr

UK's PM Sunak To Discuss European Security, Ukraine With Scholz In Berlin (more)

Two charged after restaurants claim customers walked out without paying

Not the show you thought he'd host back when he was dating the Cheeky Girls.

"Village that no longer exists": photographers show video from bombed Krynky on Kherson Oblast's left bank video

'Last Round for British Pubs Documentary'

'The British pub is a veritable institution and a vital part of British culture. But in the wake of the Covid pandemic, more and more pubs are closing their doors. A report from London on why these cherished spaces are struggling to make ends meet.'

Who knew that invading is yet another reason why are closing in the and I expected.

"Britain will put its defense industry on a war footing"
- UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Great Britain will increase defense spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030: the British authorities will invest an additional 75 billion in the military-industrial complex over six years.

"If we don't deter Russia in Ukraine, all we are going to do is embolden Putin to go even further and, indeed, embolden other adversaries around the world to do the same," he said.

President Biden signs bill with US$61 billion to support Ukraine (more)

School stabbing has left three injured and one arrested

UK accused by Amnesty of deliberately destabilising human rights globally
Rights chief also warns Britain will be judged harshly by history for its failure to help prevent civilian slaughter in Gaza

PM Sunak and Chancellor Scholz announce details of cooperation to further support Ukraine (more)

DigiHaul is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: Hatfield, United Kingdom

BREAKING:President Biden signs $61 billion aid bill for Ukraine (more)

BREAKING: President Biden signs Ukraine aid bill into law (more)

Ratification of Digital Trade Agreement with UK to deepen Ukraine's participation in global economy Svyrydenko (more)


Britain did it and

now Britain supports Israel

doing it to Palestinians-


siege ,

steal land and resources,


How Britain Starved Ireland...

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 825 kmh
Altitude: 11582 m
Distance: 3.5 km
Angle : 73.0
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 6x

Strong letter by the European Parliament's Committee on the reform, submitted for the inquiry of the House of Lords. TLDR: The proposed changes endanger the decision under the .

's biggest ever aid package will include precision-guided bombs -

They have a two-mode navigation system: satellite and inertial . is the most modern version of the aerial bomb in the family. The aerial bomb entered service with the in 2008.

The maximum range is more than 30 km. Its weight is 230 kg. carriers are , , , and fighters. The bombs also fit the .

2024-04-24 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

UK slang that sounds bad or insulting but is generally positive.

Chin wag
Horses for courses
A Kent face
Knees up

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UK helping Russia pay for its war on Ukraine via loophole on refined oil imports

2.2bn-worth of oil processed in China, India and Turkey to whom Russia supplies crude was imported in 2023, data shows

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