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How colonial rule radically shifts historical responsibility for climate change:

Roman egg found in Aylesbury still has contents after 1,700 years

The RAF Typhoons from XI (Fighter) Squadron that are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia taking part in this years Spears of Victory exercise are flying daily sorties as part of a large coalition of nations.

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Fri 16 Feb 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 10.0C, 87% relative humidity, pressure rising fast 1019mb. No rainfall. Calm.

"National Grid moves to speed heat pump and solar panel installations"

Shawbrook Bank is hiring a Data Scientist (Internal Audit)
Location: London, United Kingdom

>Nchste Insolvenz in Deutschland: 3000 Filialen betroffen<

Das Unternehmen geht in die Insolvenz.

Arbeitspltze in werden verloren gehen...

Video Two , two ... in two minutes

has won by-elections in and , overturning big in the process.

A Was and stabbed 14 times At a Last Weekend.

The reportedly came after a shouted at her.

Great Western s battery sets new distance record

's innovative FastCharge battery trial has achieved another significant step just days after laying claim to a battery train distance record without recharging.


on how the new + .

He is hoping that naming one of the will encourage people to more about the /#AIDS .

- in sparks .

The company, which also owns , issued the to its more than 70,000 members of , and, to coincide with the start of + .

Two wins, a Reform party surge and a dip into : never doubt s strategy is going to plan - "rishession" is rather catchy - maybe should use it...

Why the U.S. Has the Most to Gain From Supporting Ukraine


If you criticize Netanyahu, you will be targeted.

The first casualty in the US israeli coalition of annihilation was truth , the usual weapon of mass deception to justify the unjustifiable, the inhuman .

Israeli teacher who was locked up and persecuted for opposing war on Gaza speaks up


What rightward turn will Sunak take after the latest by-election defeats

Components from US, China and Switzerland discovered in black Russian Shahed UAV

To conclude my political posts until the next set of local elections in early May, this by Sam Freedman will probably sum up the overall mood of the electorate from now until the GE


"Of course, one day the indentured period would end and the servant would be free. That is one of the fundamental differences drawn between white indentured servitude and black slavery. One was a temporary condition the other was perpetual. Except that huge numbers of white servants didnt live to see the day of freedom. In the early days, the majority of servants died still in bondage. Moreover, the bulk of those who did outlive their servitude ended up no better than when theyd arrived. They would emerge from bondage landless and poor (p. 111)."
Don Jordan and Michael Walsh, "White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America" (2007)

Swan giving me the side eye when I was taking photos of it at Like "did you really back away from me human! Let me pec your camera, how dare you!"

of the tracking aid to

1: 42Bn
2: 18Bn
3: 9Bn

1 common institutions: 85Bn
2: 68Bn
3: 22Bn

Total aid from EU (common institutions+members): 144Bn

The 50Bn aid package from the had already been counted.

A 60Bn $ aid package from the is currently blocked by Republicans in the House.

"Planned UK nuclear reactors unlikely to help hit green target, say MPs"

Consequence of the British stiff upper lip BS the UK press loves to trot out when things take a downturn. Its natural that people would apply it to their health too

Working-class men like Steve Wright dont go to the doctor and thats exactly the problem...


- High pathogenicity avian viruses () (Inf. with) - Immediate notification, :

Am I the only one looking at in the and thinking that there is a wealth of data but it is poorly described and recorded

: Ladywood Junction Turnover Bridge
: towpath bridge
: Photo by ell brown on Flickr

David Cameron has asked the US Congress to approve an aid package for Ukraine.

I do not want us to demonstrate the weakness shown to Hitler in the 1930s I do not want us to demonstrate the weakness shown to Putin in 2008 wrote British Foreign Secretary Cameron.

economy fell into recession after people cut spending

Does the now have the most in the world

"'bespoke, non-standard method of cost-effectiveness assessment' to inform priorities moving forward"
Plain translation: we don't care how those excluded get as we'll have more than you can imagine by the time the full impact of repeated hits the .

Russia Ramps up Drone Production as NATO promises one million drones to Ukraine in 2024

Rostec Izhvevsk

Russia Ramps up Drone Production as NATO promises one million drones to Ukraine in 2024

Rostec Izhvevsk

Russia Ramps up Drone Production as NATO promises one million drones to Ukraine in 2024

Rostec Izhvevsk

'These two by-elections, as close as they are to the general election and as in line with existing and increasingly established trends as they are, feel like they reinforce a collection of sentiments already there."

Failure to support Ukraine will never be forgotten Biden on House Republicans running away to hide on recess (more)

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