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Hmmm, this is not the best look for a visitor to the city of Oxford.

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Fields are completely underwater: UK farmers navigate record rainfall

"You know, Smithers, I think I'll make a donation to the children's hospital. When giraffes fly, ha ha"

Phastar is hiring a Principal Data Scientist
Location: Remote, United Kingdom



The higher figure exceeds the entire membership of any political party in the other than the - and even the latter might find deploying nearly half its membership on something of a stretch! So in practice any party will need to prioritise coverage both between constituencies and between within constituencies. And prioritisation is a notoriously vexed question!

Rotten stuff from a rotten party. We need to throw them out.

'Tory staff running network of anti-Ulez Facebook groups riddled with racism and abuse'


BAVOVNA: Dzhankoy, Bryansk, Kursk, Belgorod regions and Mariupol.

, together with and , supplies "Storm Shadow/SCALP EG" missiles to Ukraine.

and are working on a strong bilateral security agreement, -

AFU managed to advance from Veletenske and establish control over Nestryha island, Kherson region", - Syrskyi

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crossing paths

- Late equaliser secures 1-1 draw for at

When it Hits the Fan, with communications consultants David Yelland and Simon Lewis

Matthew Freud created and runs one of the most influential PR businesses in the world, and shuns publicity. He's the son of Clement, great-grandson of Sigmund and was Elizabeth Murdoch's husband. Meanwhile, Edward Bernays who was a nephew of Sigmund, is called the father of Public Relations.

New UK anime cinema release OUT NOW - Spy X Family Code: White - review here -

"UKs Deposit Return Scheme to launch in October 2027"

Majority Of The UKs Dairy Farms Found Breaking Pollution Rules

United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO)



George Carlin on Israel and Palestine

: Overflow Weir, Madenfold Waste weir
: weir
: Photo by Carneddau on Flickr


George Carlin How War Is Sold To Americans


'Terrorised By Netanyahu': Israelis Take Cue From Alive Hostages Protests Swell In Tel Aviv

Tick tock, drip drop... Weathervane highs/lows so far (17:00) Sun 28 Apr 2024:

High temperature 10.2C at 16:48 hrs
low 4.8C at 01:48 hrs

High humidity 92%RH at 04:57 hrs
low 66%RH at 16:57 hrs

Max wind gust 14.8mph at 16:38 hrs

Daily rainfall 7.2mm

Except that the wrote minority rights into the treaty that set up he after . - a historian of more recent vintage than - traces back human rights interventions by back to the middle of the century when government financial pressure was used to prevent the mooted expulsion of the population of .

"The Popular Front for the Liberation of has warned Britain and other countries against deploying forces on the land or coast of the Strip. The BBC reported on Saturday that troops could be deployed in Gaza to assist with aid deliveries...The Marxist-Leninist group said in a statement on Telegram that British troops would be 'treated as occupation forces and will be legitimate targets for the resistance'"

Rwanda flight detentions to begin within weeks, Home Office says

In response, the Home Office said the government was "entering the final phase" ()

The prime minister said: "My focus is on the United Kingdom and securing our borders

I think rich! sunaks focus are the forthcoming elections & keeping his job


Mainstream media has long been predominantly dependent agents of the state , propaganda division, especially in times of war , coups, invasions, etc.

Allies allow another War Crime of Victimizing the Disabled: Russian invaders forcibly deport legally-incapacitated Ukrainians from occupied territories (more)

"Nature destruction will cause bigger economic slump in UK than 2008 crisis, experts warn"

- Late penalty gives relegation-threatened draw with


My friend Hedgy and one of his fledglings today in Somerset .

Englands The World of Colour exhibit opens this week with one of my New York City street photography images. The gallery is exhibiting 36 prints from the 265 received globally.


The UK is Breaking the Law By Arming Israel Says Supreme Court Judges, based on the preponderance of evidence and application of law


Meet The Wrong Jew The Media Doesnt Want You To Know Exists


- Manager Wilder stands by after relegation

VCA , ePaper , Sunday, April 28, 2024

Its hard to get your bearings in a world that doesnt care
Positions I took long ago feel comfy as an old armchair
But the kids that pull the statues down they challenge me to see
The gap between the man I am and the man I want to be

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