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Guerre de Palestine
Plus d'un million de Palestiniens sont pigs Rafah. l'approche des troupes israliennes, il n'y a plus nulle part o senfuir

Girls Are Just So Classy

Pure Tory Little Britain:

"UK Government launches new initiatives to accelerate EV chargepoints rollout"

It's shaming. The government of my country (UK) has stepped to the precipice of ignoring its obligations under the Genocide Convention.
My parents wouldn't understand this.
I say: Thank you, Nicaragua

Repelling the agents.

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The was taken into on Tuesday after Freer received an and .

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The was taken into on Tuesday after Freer received an and .

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Truss & Moggs reasoning for the Tories woes They havent been right-wing enough Further sinking to the Right is needed! Just mad mad stuff.

"No More Labels"

Tony Hawks


The UK courts have decided that they know better than Jews on what is and isn't antisemitism.

Tsk, I see the rain's back

5 Feb 2024
& Complicit In Says Former Spokesperson

'Hafen' (DE)

Ein maritimes Kunstwerk - gefertigt komplett aus Metall und gleichzeitig Hommage an die Zunft und schwere Arbeit der Fischer.

Das Bild entstand in Stonehaven - Schottland - Grobritannien.


'Harbour' (EN)

A maritime work of art - made entirely of metal and at the same time a tribute to the guild and hard work of fishermen.

The picture was taken in Stonehaven - Scotland - Great Britain.

Geographics UK for the ZX81

: BBC News - Online Safety Act not strong enough, murdered teenager Brianna Ghey's mum says.


Why Northern Ireland is closer to leaving UK (more)

brings case vs , , , for complicity in

The Nicaraguan government initiated proceedings at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) yesterday against the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Canada for complicity in Israels genocide in Gaza by providing the Israeli occupation with weapons and support used in the killing of Palestinians.

Defunding UNRWA could be a primary act of genocide. Is the UK guilty Vox Political

Court of Justice Sivier Political

Weather at 6pm on Tue 6 Feb is becoming fine, 3C, pressure rising fast and 2.2mm rain. Humidity is 81%.

Flexing clout, Trump pressures Republicans to kill Ukraine aid deal

"UK to scrap boiler tax after makers raise prices to cover any fines"

Nauta is hiring a Data Scientist - Principal
Location: London, United Kingdom

Tucker Carlson visiting Moscow is like touring Berlin in 1940

& Combined Authority Board approves Mayors precept to fund bus improvements with new and more frequent routes

The mother to a murdered daughter has knocked the Royals off the top spot of the news, she's calling for something to be done about the sociopathy children are exposed to on social media.
I don't think banning kids from it will work, actually applying pressure onto companies to make their product safe however, it can be done.

The is absolutely not my jam, but I gotta get this off my chest :-)

News outlet in the doing a vox pop and strangers saying Harry should make up with his dad before its too late, coming home is the right thing to do, but as far as theyre concerned, Harry is to them. Do they hear themselves One of the main reasons for our demise as is that we hold others to impossible heights of perfection, but we ourselves are unwilling to do the same.

here in the I've been watching the steady uptick in storms every year and the north getting flooded on a regular basis and I fear that it's going to get worse very quickly, would love to be wrong but I don't think I am

design by Arthur Robinson for the tomb of the Duke of Clarence (1894)


/ Israels evidence of UNRWA Hamas allegations examined

Reminder: in a dossier just six pages long, has alleged that 12 of the agencys more than thirteen thousand staff in Gaza were involved in the 7th October attacks, leading nations including the and the to withdraw their financial support.

---- partial transcript of first part of the report ----

Children in Gaza are hungry, and the fear is that they are about to get hungrier. Donors to UNRWA, the main UN agency that supports Palestinians, including the UK, withdrew their funding 10 days ago, because of allegations in a confidential Israeli document that this program has now seen. The document repeats an allegation the IDF has made many times that the "Hamas terrorist organization" has been methodically and deliberately in placing its terrorist infrastructure in a wide range of UN facilities and assets, but provides no evidence to support its explosive new claim that unruly staff were involved in the terror attacks on Israel, just stating: "From intelligence information, documents and identity cards seized during the course of the fighting, it is now possible to flag around 190 Hamas and PIJ terrorist operatives who serve as UNRWA employees. More than 10 UNRWA staffers took part in the events of the 7th of October. Israel gave the document to Donors just after the International Court of Justice, in The Hague, made an interim ruling on a charge of genocide against Israel.

"Israel must take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance.""

Christopher Gunness (UNRWA spokesperson 2007-19): It is utterly shocking that the donors who accuse UNRWA of instrumentalizing aid as they have done are themselves weaponizing UNRWA. It is a violation of international humanitarian law. It is a violation of international principles. It is a violation of the ruling by the ICJ, which says nobody should squeeze international humanitarian aid --- what Britain and others done is squeeze the aid --- and it is a violation of the genocide convention because it will devastate the lives of 1.2 million people who are on UNRWA's food lines even before the 7th of October, and that is going to get longer. It will undoubtedly, if unsuspended, lead to mass starvation.

Apart from emergency aid, UNRWA runs schools, hospitals and other services for 5.9 million Palestinian refugees across the Middle East. It employs 13,000 Gazans, all of whose names have been checked against a UN terrorism list and has recently as last May were vetted and approved by Israel. UNRWA immediately fired the staff members named in the document and mounted an investigation.

Josep Borrell (EU Foreign Policy Chief): UNRWA is playing a critical role, it is true that the Israeli government has been very critical, not now from many times ago, but we cannot punish 2 million people by depriving them of the support the donors providing.

The Israeli Prime Minister, who met a UN delegation last week, is angry that UN reports about the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza were cited as evidence in the genocide hearing, adding to his anger that UNRWA staff allegedly took part in acts of terror.

Binyamin Netanyahu (unindicted war criminal as of now): I think it's time that the international community in the UN itself understand that UNRWA's mission has to end.

Today, UNRWA released photographs, they say, show a food aid truck in , which was hit by Israeli naval gunfire. The Israelis haven't yet commented.

In Gaza, the suffering never seems to end. Today, the UN Secretary General announced an investigation into UNRWA to be headed by a former French foreign minister. If UNRWA were forced to close, another organization would have to step in. Under international law, in the West Bank and Gaza, the occupying power, which is Israel, would be held responsible.


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I genuinely think he's got only weeks now, such is the level of distrust out there in the UK.

If a Tory tells you it's raining you go out and look.

"King Charles seen out in public for the first time since the Diagnosis"

: Bridge 8, Swanley Bridge.
: road bridge
: Photo by on Flickr

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