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Grey Heron banking to the right as it crosses the lake

I consider myself a pretty rabid britophile but, watching the BAFTAs, I'm getting like maybe 1/6th of the references...


This may come as a surprise to some, but its illegal to get drunk in an English pub. A law from 1872, leftover from the temperance movement, still stands today. But what exactly was it trying to achieve Food and Wine tells more:

Brimstone Butterfly blending in with the grassy surroundings

commenting on the 50plus year old toddler at the the

11 May

abstention! COWARDLY!

FYI: Tell your patriotic great granddad that

I've seen a few people question the effectiveness of government petitions on this site, and honestly, I do get it, but if you'd be interested - here's a petition regarding the recent proposal to have trans people not being treated in mainstream hospital wards. (This is UK based for reference)

Ofgem have caused the cost of living crisis - We Call for Regulatory Changes in Ofgem - Sign the Petition! via UKChange

Another Reed Bunting, this one belting out its song

Reed Bunting surveying his Kingdom

This rook appears unhappy with the Red Kite. (This was happening way to far off for a good photo).

Queen Camilla Celebrates 75th Badminton Horse Trials Anniversary .

Former female trainee in Royal Marines says sexual assault was dismissed as high jinks Royal Navy

agency releases to test : making it easier for industry, research organizations and academia to develop .

"Militant groups like Palestine Action and Just Stop Oil are using criminal tactics to create mayhem and hold the public and workers to ransom without fear of consequence," Lord Walney said.

Um, , especially , have been holding THE PLANET and ALL LIFE FORMS to ransom without consequence! Why doesn't the UK (and all the other countries) criminalize ECOCIDE!!

'Extreme' protest groups face ban under proposal

Harry Farley
May 11, 2024

" groups such as and could be banned in a similar way to organisations, under a proposal from the governments adviser on political violence.

"An upcoming report from Lord Walney, which BBC News has seen extracts of, will recommend a new category for proscribing ''.

"It defines these as those which routinely use criminal tactics to try to achieve their aims.

"The sanctions could restrict a group's ability to and its in the .

"The Home Office said ministers would consider the recommendations."

Read more:

'Extreme' protest groups face ban under proposal.
Protest groups such as Just Stop Oil and Palestine Action could be banned in a similar way to terrorist organisations, under a proposal from the governments adviser on political violence.

Dear god.

I guess that's the last place we haven't exploited yet...

News at 7PM: The BAFTA TV Awards 2024 rolled out the red carpet for attendees. intensifies military operations in and mandates evacuations the declines to halt arms sales to . 's armed forces indicate worsening conditions in Kharkiv. Protests continue in Tbilisi over a 'foreign agents' bill. Afghanistan is hit by lethal flash floods, resulting in more than 300 deaths. Switzerland secures victory at the Eurovision Song Contest.

given stark warning over negligible

Exclusive: Key defence contractor says UKs capabilities are very limited as a result of long-term

U.K. omniveillance and camera surveillance. UK's new AI traffic cameras monitor seatbelt use, raise privacy concerns. Chilling effect on privacy and freedom. Will understand usage for GPS

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Toys R Us announces 17 new locations in WH Smith partnership

a very young Moorhen chick among some dense reeds

Green veined white butterfly

Bird on the run

Grey Heron

Bringing order to the border: liberal and illiberal fantasies of border control in the English Channel

on looking up at the night sky in , and Nicola Jennings The Guardian

: Lock 4, Rushall
: lock

stuff - we ended up buying mochi for a delayed dessert !

Expedia Group is hiring a Data Scientist I
Location: London, United Kingdom

"Heartbreak after Hamas claims British-Israeli hostage is dead"

"Nadav Popplewell, 51, was taken hostage with his mother, Channah Peri, 79, from Kibbutz Nirim"

'This was problematic, primarily because for the first time in my lifetime the Prime Minister and those around him lied unashamedly. And they lied, knowing that their dishonest version of events would be repeated by Kuenssberg.'

Spot on from Patrick Howse in Byline Times:


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Keir Starmer makes surprise cameo pre-game to motivate, stimulate the team before hockey takes on Finland:

Girls do better in exams at all-girls schools than mixed, research finds Schools

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