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Ozanne announced that she has the due to the callous disregard of the + .

"Whether youre a worker who wants to refuse to load weapons or someone who wants to block these buildings, I would encourage anyone to do it. There are Elbit factories in Kent, I know there is one in Bristol, I know there are at least three in Leicester. If youve time off, if youre a student, get down and block these factories."

The narrations by Hugh Fraser are great.

I like but the Sophie Hannah about have frustrated me.

I haven't read HPSN. The 4 books before that were enough!!!!

I tried to like her books but I can't.

And there's something about Hannah herself I don't like. She's like the of Diane Abbott (the ): sounds a chronic irritant/bullshitter.

"'Repair is a radical act': London factory to reduce waste by renewing 30,000 garments a year"

8pm... time to dance!

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Make your UK Will online for Free.

Who should you trust with your data This data breach took place in the USA, a private company handling personal medical records should be safe but it wasn't .
If you're in the this should still be a concern for you, right now parts of the are run by private companies and the want to sell off even more. Many government contracts are badly run and fail to deliver.


columnist praised by the

My latest recap podcast is here! My cohost and I discuss Ep 7-8 from our different perspectives as he is new to & I am not. What do we think of the evolving strategy & emotions Listen to find out!

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Bamboozled Boris Johnson struggled to understand COVID-19 stats, UK inquiry hears

Scientists faced a real struggle in trying to get Boris Johnson to understand key terms and statistics relating to coronavirus, Britains COVID-19 pandemic inquiry has been told.

Ich muss mal rausfinden, ob der 4 mit mehreren umgehen kann und als fr mehrere dienen kann.
Er soll sein. Auf dem kommt das an. Das WiFi soll 3 Netze aufspannen. Unser privates, ein und ber einen auf dem Raspberry installierten Client und ein Netz das in lokalisiert ist.
Und dann noch VPN Zugang zum lokalen Netz.
Mal sehen, ob sowas gehen wrde. Wenn nicht muss ich mir etwas anders einfallen lassen.

Has business stopped listening to the Conservatives

Listening to the tories is like listening to trump, putin or farage: its all lies, wishful thinking or bollocks.

So is anyone listening to the conservatives


Weather at 6pm on Mon 20 Nov is fine, 10C, pressure rising fast and 8.0mm rain. Humidity is 92%.

Dezeen : Sadiq Khan rejects plans for MSG Sphere in east London

"Keir Starmer has challenged the oil industry to dramatically speed up its shift to clean energy by offering up to 2.5bn to subsidise new jobs in renewables for North Sea workers."

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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Today : 2023-11-20 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

It could be suggested that the 6th player out of was screwed by her allies decision to swap tribes, which put her in a dangerous spot. But there were things she could have done to avoid her fate. Time to figure out Why Jess Lost in <2 min on TikTok:

Also on YouTube:

Or on Instagram:

The Guardian remembers Kool and the Gang drummer George "Funky" Brown

, : 1,000 to at , one of the busiest UK warehouses

Former PM David Cameron becomes Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton

Still think he should be ennobled (enobbled) as

lord cameron of Buggered Britain

Stay Safe: 7 energy scams to watch out for: As bills soar, the scammers are seizing their chance. Here's how to keep your money safe.

: Slipway, Newbury Boat Co
: slipway
: Photo by barryskeates on Flickr

JUST IN: Former UK PM Boris Johnson's struggles to grasp COVID science revealed by Chief Advisor testimony. Ongoing inquiry sheds light on challenges faced by leaders across Europe.

No need to fib for us over here in - it's free for anyone.
They figured out years ago that it just makes sense economically, since like the health care is publicly funded. Sure, it costs more up front, but it more than pays for itself by preventing many costly hospital stays, and reduces mortality (not high for the but not zero either).

Not sure this is visible here but

Remember when I said cops have no incentive to fix because they're full of boy racers

Chris Mason: Jeremy Hunt looks likely to cut taxes - the question is where


Where it will benefit the tory party greatest

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Radio Jammor is on the air...

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bamboozled by science and had habit of saying things that were untrue, hears live

Former chief scientific adviser revealed there was complete lack of leadership at times in crisis

Some news from someone not deranged by capitalism: Subsidence risks are increasing with . Subsidence is when the ground underneath a building settles or shifts, causing the structure to crack. Eventually this can lead to collapse. A new report by the Institution of Structural Engineers shows that a wave of property claims against subsidence damages has accompanied last year's record-smashing temperatures.

Subsidence can be caused by flooding, obviously, but it can also be caused by heat waves which dry the soil out, causing it to compact.

Have just seen what appears to be a statement from the that it has decided to disband. Not sure this means for the party in .


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Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Monday, 20th November. The headlines: Sir Patrick Vallance, the former chief scientific adviser, has testified at the Inquiry that the 's operational plan to suppress Covid-19 was not effective and that lockdown measures were not implemented soon enough during the pandemic.

Fucking disgusting. They've posted on Twitter about But thats literally it. They couldn't even be bothered to reply to Pink News about how they're going to mark TDoR and what their commitments are to people.

I was a member for years. I spent many hours of my life campaigning for them. And this is how they thank me when my community and I need them most

Go to hell .

has oddly unheard-of dehumidifiers in its Black Friday deals

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