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Former Post Office boss hands back CBE as government considers overturning convictions

UK government accepts Israel has legal duty to provide basic supplies to Gaza Israel-Gaza war The Guardian

Wow, finally! Though it seems that Cameron was very reluctant to admit it - which is shameful.

United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO)



Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Tue 9 Jan 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 4.2C, 82% relative humidity, pressure steady 1039mb. No precipitation. Calm.

On my walk today I found a piece of street art which pays homage to one of the favourite portraits in the Harris museum in Preston, Pauline in the Yellow Dress.
Unfortunately this portrait cannot currently be seen at the museum, because the museum is undergoing refurbishment and will only be reopened in 2025 (delayed due to additional unsuspected asbestos being found in the building.
he awnSharpe

33,000 Ukrainian soldiers have undergone training in UK (PHOTOS and more)

I added my name to the court case against the UK government over its decision to approve the largest untapped oil field in the North Sea. Help us call time on the climate crimes of the UK government:

My friend Little Mate this afternoon. His new mate is still around, but I have yet to photograph her. Very cold today, he was glad of the extra snack I gave him. In .

"UK solar capacity hits 15.6 GW"

A moth sitting on a yellow flower.

What's the deal with seasonal booster vaccinations in the at present

Are there still ridiculous restrictions on who can get them

How did YOU sleep last night
Episode 13: We SO Sleepy!



"COP26 President Alok Sharma to oppose North Sea fossil fuel expansion bill"

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Lloyds Banking Group is hiring a Data Science Engineer Manager
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Salary: 66 861 - 74 290

In quiz mission, Brian was voted as biggest sheep. Rather than embrace a non-threatening label, he decided to be forceful wrong move! Todays TikTok:

You can also see my Traitors UK Brian breakdown compilation as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

"Conservative rebellion avoided as North Sea oil and gas vote rescheduled"

Read this after posting the other day about why there's so little focus on the pre Paula Vennells period at the Post Office.

Asking the question even more strongly now.

2023 2024

Penny Lane
Liverpool, England
53.3887741, -2.9156327
This is the sign at the *other* end of the street.
Shot with Fuji X-E1 and vintage lens.

R.I.P. Magnum guitarist Tony Clarkin.

Died Jan7th 2024, age 77.

As part of the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2024, we are excited to host the London chapter's Code Contribution Day!

Come and be part of something bigger!

More details & RSVP at

Apparently I contribute enough to open source projects (, , etc) to be considered one of s most influential open source contributors on their 2024 UK Honours list! Unexpected, but very cool. Im in great company!

>> gangrape of 16-year-old girl in the metaverse

violently metastasizes to the

: Fixed Weir
: weir

Update on the cancellation of the UK 4K/Blu-ray release of The Abyss:

Whether they are used for , family days out or , people's are a hugely valued possession, so thefts leave victims feeling both out of pocket and distressed. Knowing the thief will probably get away with it just adds salt to the wound
Years of neglect under this government have emboldened criminals and left frontline police officers without the resources they need

Ive looked at the bus station dividing method and my neuron imploded on itself. Teach generations one way of dividing and now change everything so your kid looks at you like at an alien when trying to explain your method .

Fuck you government hope youll divide my phallus between you with the bus station method

"Storm Henk brings Thames Waters worst day of sewage spills since records began"

The online petition calling on the government to has been reinstated by after being temporarily disabled pending "review".
Over 111,000 people have signed it.
Will you

US and Allies Met Secretly With Ukraine on Peace Plan

A secret meeting took place last month between , its Group of Seven allies and a small group of Global South countries to try to rally support for s conditions for holding peace talks with , according to people familiar with the matter.

Russian drone damages British company's wind farm in Odesa Oblast (VIDEO and more)

"Temporary Manual Worker Required (Immediate start)
We are seeking an enthusiastic manual worker to work with us 2 days a week on a temporary contract. For the right person this could be until April/May. ..."

(((Repost from FB sorry, but worthwhile agri. oppo. for someone wanting related work
Foreign network ethics police, please DM me! )))

Even ducks (evil bastards that they are), had they been running the Post Office would have treated sub-postmasters better than the Post office has. Culprits may be found, they may hand back their honours and apologise but they get to keep their earned wealth, pensions etc. I could cry at how much of an example this whole sorry saga is of how our society is structured & the hierarchy of power & its influences.

' faces fresh in the , after members of the union at a new fulfilment centre in voted to strike over pay and conditions later this month'


The G7, Saudi Arabia, India and Turkey held a secret meeting in Riyadh in December with representatives of Ukraine to discuss the possibility of peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow, Bloomberg

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