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ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 865 kmh
Altitude: 12192 m
Distance: 4.3 km
Angle : 70.4
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 2x

I have taken some photos of the Clifftop garden, kind of a wildlife-ornamental-, lots of edibles in the mix. plenty of &

Heres a thread of the pics.

First up, David Hunters really rather lovely rustic Larch fencing sets off the garden against the lush wooded valley. The rose is 'Harlow Carr' from David Austen. Geraniums clients own

Davids website

Project page:


This attack on St Augustine Academy is the latest in a series of breaches that have hit schools in the UK, occurring just before or at the start of the new academic year.


resists calls to label a after claims

U.K. Says Russia Targeted Black Sea Cargo Ship With Missiles (more)

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8pm... time to dance!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

UK Defense Ministry: Russia wants to recruit 420,000 contract soldiers in 2023 (more)

Don't blame the dog, blame the owner who abused that animal into the vicious beast that attacked the girl.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrived in Vladivostok to meet with Putin on Wednesday.

The previous meeting of the two leaders took place in April 2019 in Vladivostok as well.

I hope Kim brought his kneepads to use when begging Putin for food aid in exchange for weapons made by North Korean slave labor!

After a week of 30C+ heat here in the , it feels good and refreshing to run in temperatures a little more sensible (21C)!

International Ayr Show - Festival of Flight, 09th September, Seafront Ayr

Great selection of aircraft on Saturday if you're into planes like me

Regarding the UKs relationship with China, heard a very interesting interview with Sir Richard Dearlove (the former head of MI6) with Sophy Ridge on Sky News tonight. We need more interviews with people who are definitely in the know. Hearing politicians speak never seems to inspire my confidence.

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"Plugging into the future: electric van production begins at Ellesmere Port"

7pm is Hip-hop time!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
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The Orkney islands are to test two electric ferries for commuting between its outlying islands as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions from shipping.

The battery-powered hydrofoil ferries, whose hulls are raised above the water, are part of a three-year, 15.5m demonstration project funded by the UK government, due to start in March 2024.

Shout out loud

A Cormorant on the side of the lake

AFU territorial defenses get British APCs from UWC (PHOTOS and more)

New British ambassador begins work in Ukraine (PHOTOS and more)

To those that want to guess or know, can you tell me which bird this is from its eye/face

I am assuming this woodpigeon is collecting this twig for a nest build this late in the summer

UK air traffic control meltdown

"On 28 August 2023 NATS, the UK's air traffic control operator, suffered a major technical incident. The BBC reports that more than 2000 flights were cancelled and the cost has been estimated at over 100 million GBP. The incident probably affected hundreds of thousands of people."

All shops to shut with 12,500 jobs likely to go

Antics of the of black-headed gulls. The one from the previous photo flies in to buoy number 5 and displaces its current occupier.

A trip down memory lane - UK Scotland Can you plan a trip around Scotland using Airbnb Yes or no

Weather at 6pm on Mon 11 Sep is fine, possibly showers, 16C, pressure steady and 2.0mm rain. Humidity is 85%.

There may be a few photos this evening on Black-headed gull antics. This one is flying in to displace another from a buoy (picture to follow)

Finished work and popped down the lake to 'de-work'. Lots of common birds tonight, but hopefully some nice photos of them starting with this Great Crested grebe that has just re-surfaced from an unsuccessful dive.

News at 6PM: A devastating earthquake in Morocco has killed almost 2,700 people, marking the deadliest quake since the 1960s. Rescuers are working tirelessly to find survivors. The 's Deputy PM labels a 'systemic challenge' amid spying allegations. The US deepens its cooperation with Vietnam during President 's visit. begins its booster rollout due to a new variant and concerns rise over weak concrete affecting thousands of buildings.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

is a paedophile because they wore .

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Back in February, the from was tragically , sending across the + in the .

in the is on the rise and the is to blame.

An increase in in the has been by of by .

TUC general secretary Paul Nowak said the case will be lodged with the International Labour Organisation because the Strike Act, which ensures ...

UK air traffic control meltdown


Small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK are completely unprepared for an impending avalanche of new EU regulations and taxes, according to a new business survey.

The British Chambers of Commerce is urging the government to improve communications with British businesses as they grapple with what industry is dubbing Brexit 2.0 divergence between EU and UK regulations and taxes that creates additional red tape at the border.

: Winding Hole, Bedworth Hill
: winding hole
: Photo by amandabhslater on Flickr

Pink News: Self-obsessed Grindr rapist jailed for 10 years for assaults on two gay men

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