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extends tariff-free trade with to 2029, - Reuters

About 15,000 targets have been hit over the past 7 months thanks "Army of Drones"

and Ukraine have already started negotiations on security guarantees.

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New UK Blu-ray release - OUT MONDAY - River - review HERE -

New List Ranks UKs Most Affordable Vegan Cities

UK's Opposition Labour Party Ditches 28 Bn Climate Change Pledge

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Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Thu 8 Feb 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 3.0C (feels like 1.7C due to wind), 89% relative humidity, pressure falling fast 989mb. 4.2mm precipitation so far today. Wind is blowing 4.3mph from SE, gusting to 18.1mph.

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Das Sandwich wurde vermutlich vom britischen Aristokraten John Montagu, 4. Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792) erfunden, da er beim Arbeiten (der Legende nach beim Kartenspiel) essen wollte, ohne seine Hnde schmierig zu machen.

Yes, UK has gone down-hill since Brexit. Ban all the foreigners! Kick them out! Now it is official government policy it would seem. Why the capital-F am I still living in this place #UK

Massimiliano Melargo, who was stopped at airport, has permission to enter and leave UK while awaiting settlement decision

The target wait time in the UK *once you have a referral from a GP* is 18 weeks. The actual average wait time is *18 Months*. One clinic has a 90 month (7.5 year!) backlog, and one patient had a 220 month wait time (almost 20 years!).

That is JUST TO GET AN OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS Not to actually start receiving care. Once you have a diagnosis from a gender clinic, then you are allowed to work with your GP to get access to the necessary doctors to begin your transition process. If your GP demands you see an endocrinologist, that will require another 35 weeks for a first appointment, and the likely outcome of that is being put on minimal levels of hormones.

This is AFTER a GP refers you. GPs will often flatly refuse to refer patients, only do so after referring them to a psychiatrist, and will sometimes stonewall patients.

The NHS is engaged in a form of in order to specifically deny access to medical care while remaining within the technical requirements of the law. There is a consistent pattern of lost paperwork, misplaced referrals, and passing the buck.


Can someone genuinely tell me what are actually at this point

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Office of the President of Ukraine comments on reasons for AFU Change-Of-Command (more)

Lazy Lunar New Year dinner! Because I had shopping delivered the chicken use by date is tomorrow.. not Saturday

17 new bus services to be trialled in partnership with for Greater Manchester

City is delighted to announce the trial of a large-scale bus network helping fans from across Greater Manchester to travel to and from the Stadium

President Zelensky changes top military!

"Stop complaining and enjoy those Brexit benefits you ungrateful swine"

"Yes sir, thank you sir, most generous sir. It's all we deserve sir, give my best wishes to the Shareholders for me sir. Thank you...."

Weather at 6pm on Thu 8 Feb is unsettled, rain later, 1C (feels -4), pressure falling fast and 1.2mm rain. Humidity is 94%.

Jason Isbell, Grammy-Winning Singer-Songwriter, Files for Divorce From Amanda Shires, His Bandmate and Highwomen Member, After 11 Years of Marriage.

The Rise and Fall of a Country Music Power Couple

Volcanic eruption lights up sky over Icelands international airport

Starting today, new management team takes over leadership of Armed Forces of Ukraine President Zelensky (more)

Petition to block the gov having the power to conduct suspicionless on citizens' private bank accounts.

President Zelensky makes change-in-command of the Armed Forces, General Zaluzhnyi, appoints General Syrskyi to assume position of Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (more)

New rules in the could unfairly punish individuals just for exercising their right to protest, especially those who wear masks for personal reasons or to feel safe in crowds.

This crackdown on face masks at protests isnt really about masks at all.

The aim of this government is to suppress democracy and dissent.

If we dont speak up, we will soon lose our right to do so.

UK ambassador: Ukraine should not expect too much at Washington NATO summit (more)

Graffiti artists sue Guess and Macy's, UK MP says government needs to reconsider their approach to AI and bar sparks Bluey backlash.

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Jeez, I have to sqwint to see how smol this access log list is to investigate like it was a Xittler account under review for pumping up the page views when everyone left the place a year ago or so.

UK extends tariff-free trade with Ukraine until 2029 (more)

Sorry folks, avoiding environmental collapse is just too expensive.

Sort of a Throwback Thursday and it's wild to me that this is from 24 years ago. The oldest print I still offer and still get sales from.

Prints and more here:

From my second time in London. Wistful sigh...

Alarm sounded over prison-like conditions in UK centres

It flagged up issues surrounding the uncertainty of how long migrants will be detained, prison-like conditions & treatment of those with symptoms of mental illness

The UK government blasted the report, saying it did not recognise much of its content.

The Independent (UK): Penny Mordaunt takes aim at Sunak over trans row

"The leader of the House of Commons told the prime minister to reflect on his trans joke after Brianna Gheys family denounced Rishi Sunak"

Pure opportunism: Penny was seemingly pro-trans, then proceeded to throw us all under the bus at the first opportunity in her campaign video for her bid to become PM in 2022. Penny - trans folk will never ever forget that, okay

UK intelligence comments on Russia's offensive efforts in Avdiivka in recent weeks (more)

UK NATO ambassador warns Ukraine to lower expectations of any significant changes at upcoming Washington summit (more)

: Deepfields Railway Bridge
: railway bridge
: Photo by Barnshaws on Flickr

I'm at St Thomas Hospital today for a routine blood test and can I see a single dumb British fuck wearing a mask
Of course not.
Let's just pretend our problems away yeah, Brexit fucks....


"Jewish Historian Explodes Israel's Myths"

Zach Foster has "a strongly Zionist background, but it was through his scholarly research of Palestine that his perspective changed."

He talks to Owen Jones "about the long history of Palestinians being dehumanised, why he thinks Israel makes Jewish people less safe, the history of Gaza & Hamas... Israel's history of using hunger as a weapon of war, genocidal sentiments in Israel."


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