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EXCLUSIVE: Ukraine 'would win war faster' by firing western weapons against Russian targets inside Russia (Sky News VIDEO)

Russia and Great Britain - old allies or eternal enemies Weekly Wrap-Up (UATV News VIDEO)

Marlin Luanda: British connected Oil tanker carrying Russian oil on fire for hours following Houthi attack (BBC News VIDEO)

Whose oil was onboard U.S., U.K. launch two airstrikes on Yemen port, says Houthi-run television (CBC News VIDEO)

UK rail travel is one of the things that gets harder for an expat like myself to navigate each time I visit the country (which is not often).

1985 - "Two off-peak to Doncaster please." Costs two bob ha'penny but apparently the Conservatives are unhappy about it.

1995 - Consult many timetables or approach wizard in ticket office. Expensive but apparently price will come down soon because of privatisation.

2005 - You now have to 'split' your journey to avoid being ripped off and ticket office staff will not explain this. Try to figure it out online. Travel with reams of printed tickets. Empty your wallet.

2015 - Ticket offices mostly gone. Multiple 'journey splitter' services, each telling you different things. Tickets now on phone, so pray your battery lasts. Mortgage required.

Jeffrey Sachs: ICJ ruling devastating for Israel

Belatedly watching Mr Bates vs the Post office, the true story of how a faulty IT System from called destroyed the lives of hundreds of sub-postmasters in the UK. The CEO of the Post Office at the time Paula Vennells made 3 million in bonuses. She and other executives need to spend a few months in jail (as did some postmasters) and be driven to bankruptcy. They need their sleepless nights.

Now our Finale Traidar podcast is here as we discuss the WINNER and all the Finalists! What did each do right and what could they have done better We analyze everything. Listen here

Or wherever you usually get your podcasts and on YouTube audio!

'Israel Urges Disregarding the Hague Court's Decisions'
Which is exactly what the and have done, as they are still funding and supporting the of

Washington Post: Russia aims to create new world order via alliance with China

Growing border battle in Congress threatens to upend bipartisan immigration deal, because of Trumps want to use crisis for his campaign (CBS News VIDEO)

Railway volunteers plant hundreds of trees in the Scottish Borders

Shields Road footbridge opens to pedestrians before road bridge demolition

Holocaust survivor who lived through Auschwitz talks of horrors of past (The Sun VIDEO)

Houthis attack British-linked tanker Marlin Luanda in Gulf of Aden (more)

Footage of British tanker carrying Russian oil catching fire after Houthi attack in Red Sea (Kanal 13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

Cause i could not avoid the but i can for sure try to not be accomplice with


British-Linked Oil Tanker Marlin Luanda Attacked By Houthis While Carrying Russian Oil (More)

says it has considerable concerns about ICJ ruling, rejects genocide accusation

"We respect the role and independence of the ICJ. However... we have considerable concerns about this case.. Our view is that Israel's actions in Gaza cannot be described as genocide, which is why we thought South Africa's decision to bring the case was wrong and provocative."

Genocidal colonial regimes stick together.

"Sewer power to heat hundreds of homes in Bolton"

Johnson will be assuming he'd be in charge, as usual, miles away from risk or consequences - unlike the people whose lives he'd be destroying with his arrogance and incompetence.


Teachers have to be wary if they want to contribute to education discussions, and they have to tread especially carefully in discussions about children taking holidays in term time. And since teachers get 13 weeks holiday it is difficult to challenge the view that it is a valuable perk. But the long holidays are more than balanced by the long term time hours.

But the average UK professional would need to work for 50 weeks at 39 hours per week to match the 39 weeks of 50 hours for the average teacher.

Weather at 6pm on Sat 27 Jan is settled fine, 8C, pressure steady and 2.0mm rain. Humidity is 85%.

Palestinians Killed in Gaza Amounts 26.257

On the day that the ICJ ordered Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza, Israel killed 174 Palestinian.

The number of Palestinians killed, most of them children and women, by Israels continuous attacks on the Gaza Strip since 7 October increased to 26,257, while another 64,797 were injured, the local Ministry of Health reported.

"From Agnes to Jocelyn: why UK has so many storms, according to weather experts"

Huthis' TV Says U.S., British Air Strikes Target Yemen Port (more)

Good evening. It's 6PM, Saturday, 27th January. The headlines: landmarks will light up for Memorial Day, with events nationwide. Alarm grows as under-10s use anti-ageing products. 'The Traitors' ends in a dramatic finale. The UK, US and others suspend funding over staff allegations.

A good Long Read to start your day. This will be of greatest interest to those who lived in in the 70's and 80's and for whom the location Neal's Yard has significance.

"Nicholas Saunders was a counterculture pioneer with an endless stream of quixotic schemes and a yearning to spread knowledge but his true legacy is a total remaking of the way Britain eats."

I had never heard of him.

The is marking Memorial Day by suspending funding for the organisation that supplies & coordinates aid to a people currently having committed against them

Today's music:

YONAKA - Seize the Power

After the said that should stop committing acts of genocide in , 484 Palestinians were killed by that country.

In addition, the , , , and , suspended support for the UN's Gaza aid agency.

more than hideous

Greta is back in the to protest (along with her comrades in ) . I wish them well.


There's a big 'Threads' energy to this photo.

"play on lads, play on..."

And people in the will say, Id love a piece of that.

Forget your abroad summer holidays. Im surprised the Tories havent moved summer to cash in!

January temps soar to 28C in as start of the year brings record heat


Russia added more destroyed Russian vehicles and hundreds of Russian corpses to the fields surrounding Avdiivka.

Spoiler alert - this assault ended like all previous similar assaults.

Of all the musicians still going out there I would not have had down as a political songwriter (All you need is greed) while are still going at it (Kleptocracy). Fair play to them for making their point.

mat-real : Material Realisms in Contemporary British Literature

> We aim to engage with texts that process our new experience of such realities and present a universe characterised by an enmeshing of matter and thought, of embodied aesthetic experience and critical experience"...a far cry from the binarisms of yesteryear and the metafictional defamiliarization that went along with them.

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