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"Every Russian pilot must make a clear choice for himself whether to participate further in this war. Our air defense will only become stronger. Especially when we get the additional systems already agreed upon and the F-16"
- President Zelensky

As promised, I got my dad to join the server.

Im not sure he understands Mastodon. Im not sure he understood Twitter either, yet was active on there.

: Bridge 1, Victoria Rd
: road bridge

8pm... time to dance!

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: "Sir David Omand tells parliamentary inquiry the platform should be restricted to background mood music'"

"The former head of has called for an end to the government handling crises over WhatsApp, saying the platform might suit gossip and informal exchanges but is inappropriate for important decision-making."

As Russia took over from the USSR in the United Nations, the 1991 UN Council vote on Kuwaits invasion haunts Moscow. Learn how it can help Kyiv make the Kremlin pay for the environmental damage Ukraine suffered after the Feb.24 invasion.


Ukraine says it has carried out an airstrike on the port town of Feodosia in temporarily occupied Crimea (Sky News VIDEO Short)

The Traitors Series 2 Official Trailer BBC

Dog rescued after 30+ hours under rubble

"Europe will come crawling to us. Africa, China, the whole Middle East are already with us."

Belarus propagandists dream how European leaders would beg for appointments but Putin and Lukashenko would be too busy playing hockey.

They understand nothing but the language of force.

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7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Hand to mouth: 's

food increasingly unaffordable in , experts warn

Patients, especially in , who need it due to and issues are left with painful symptoms or permanent damage

So I have finished my NEW YEARS EVE 2023 Year in Review Video.... It has taken a whole bunch of time and effort.
It goes live at 23:00 on December the 31st and the preview page is up now Please think of giving it a watch

Pakistani 125-mm HE FS TK high-explosive fragmentation shells produced by Pakistan Factory in the ammunition load of a Ukrainian tank.

Various artillery shells and other weapons have been supplied from Pakistan to Ukraine for more than a year.

The number of the Pakistani shells delivered is unknown but some say that it could be the same as from EU.

Anyone knows of a pharmaceutical quality control job in the UK, for a friend who wants to try some abroad experience (from Italy)

Appreciate boosts for visibility :)

First group of Ukrainian pilots completed basic training for flights on F-16 in the UK

The first six Ukrainian pilots have completed basic training with the UKs Royal Air Force and are currently learning to fly F-16 fighter jets in Denmark. Another ten trainee pilots are continuing their basic flight training

A single drone from the strike drone company of the 47th Mechanized Brigade scared this T90M breakthrough crew into running away and abandoning their tank

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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Et pendant ce temps la simple possession d'une rsidence secondaire permet aux britanniques d'tre dispens de visa pour sjourner en France.
Vire au nom du de avec un mari britannique et un enfant ayant la double nationalit italienne et britannique tout en tant investisseuse dans des start-ups british

This store, situated in the middle of a residential area in my hometown, has stood empty for over 20 years.

Every Christmas when I come home, I pass it to see its still frozen in time.

an hard one this. Guessing ones best bet with a website is having it being archived by an service or publishing it within a book.

In the I know that publications, within articles and books, should have a copy archived within the UK's national archives from some Tom Scott video. Also crawl and archive UK sites there.

No idea what would be a great option for long term data archival also past ones livetime though but a good thing to think about that

Just uploaded LOADS of new handmade works! Excited to ship them to new homes.


Christmas washout in German village as heavy rains cause rivers to burst their banks

Robot artist Ai-Da gives Christmas greetings

Rishi Sunak stars in Home Alone-inspired Christmas video

Lets change parliament so it represents us better

You want what

..Dont hold your breath

- Italian woman facing removal from despite permanent residency card The Guardian

Russia uses its 'superweapon' for the second time in Ukraine - a Mach 7 air launched ballastic missile.

British Intelligence War Update

"customer names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and parts of credit card numbers had been taken but said parking data had not been compromised in the cyber-attack."

Ah. Well. Ok. As long as it's not parking data, everything must be ok!

Hackers steal customer data from Europes largest parking app operator Hacking The Guardian


British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said that the destruction of the Russian ship Novocherkassk in Feodosia "demonstrates that those who believe that the war in Ukraine has reached a dead end are wrong. They have not noticed that 20% of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been destroyed in the last 4 months," he added.

Happy I found this information on but it still does not fill me with confidence

UK minister: Destruction of Russian ship proves there's no stalemate as repeated by media (more)

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Radio Jammor is on the air...
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Hands up if your guilty of buying your Mum one of these gifts

Four donkey foals born after abandoned mares thrive in sanctuary home

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