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Does anyone know if you can fit your own electricity meter so we own the meter rather than the powers that be Thanks.

: En profond dsaccord, le ministre de lImmigration dmissionne  

NASA details the global average temps. NASA Announces Summer 2023 Hottest on Record

However, It's not the yearly average global heat temperatures that will cause harm, it's the heat extremes (the outliers) that are part of that increasing average, that are causing harm

Met Office. Climate change drives UKs first year over 10C

Heat Dome Descends on Central U.S.


Domestic worker dehumanisation to the point of de facto slavery in the is so normalised that locals don't even *realise* just how bizarre and horrible it is.

Many people have "servants" shorthand "gengulhey meehun," roughly translating into 'housekeepers' even in the most low-income households. Think about that.

Of course, abusive domestic servitude isn't anything unique to the Maldives see , , , the , and so on but you have to realise the scale of it in the Maldives:

Over 1/3 of the population are expatriate workers

There are no legal frameworks or even a minimum wage protecting them

Seizing their identification documents for "safety" by the employers is terrifyingly normalised

No matter how long they have lived in the country, they can't even get permanent residence

Many of them live in inhumane conditions, cramped up together in fire hazards and how many times have such places caught on fire, killing these workers in them

They are treated almost like slaves to do the bidding of their employers who will cuss them out or make them do excessive work

They are brought into the country by agents misleading them into working in the Maldives for "opportunities."

There's also *sex trafficking.*

The list goes on.


8pm... time to dance!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

De jongelui in de hebben de tree vanavond opgetuigd
Damn ..wat veel kleur haha

"Need You Now" is a song recorded by American trio (known at the time as "Lady Antebellum"). The band co-wrote the song with , and produced it with . It serves as the lead-off single and title track to their second studio album of the same name, and was first released in the US on August 11, 2009, and it features lead vocals from both Scott and Kelley. The song also served as their debut single in the and .

' and workers share WhatsApp "jokes" about , and

Exclusive: Work-linked WhatsApp groups include abusive comments about political figures and television personalities

Sellafield workers claim toxic culture could put safety at risk'

James O'Brien wonders if 'everybody knows that Israel has little or no concern for the civilian death toll'.


CONFIRMED! Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick resigns over the Rwanda legislation!

Jenrick was missing from the frontbench as Home Secretary James Cleverly gave a statement to the HoC on the Tories bid to rescue the deal to fly migrants who arrive in the to East .

Jenrick & have been pushing for the UK to disregard the Human Rights Act

The Tories are tonight in meltdown, with Sunak on the brink!

"UK ad watchdog to crack down on biodegradable and recyclable claims"

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Met Office issues urgent weather warnings as UK faces ice, rain, and potential floods

Pink News: Kemi Badenoch confirms UK blacklist for countries that allow trans self-ID

"Labour leader tells Guardian at Cop28 that Britain is wanted back in leading role as he accuses Sunak of retreating"

BNP Paribas is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: Solihull, United Kingdom

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

Radio Jammor is on the air...
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Good evening. It's 6PM, Wednesday, 6th December. The headlines: Boris acknowledged the government underestimated the Covid-19 threat and admitted they should have realised its severity sooner. He expressed personal responsibility for mistakes made. The Government has responded to the Hillsborough report, apologising for the prolonged response and signing the Hillsborough Charter. Bereaved families from Covid-19 also held a press conference.

: , , signs new in - after declared a scheme to the nation illegal.

Russian lawmakers are plotting the annexation of the Sea of Azov, a shallow body of water which is shared territory between Ukraine and Russia per a two-decade-old treaty.

The advert was from 2019 & had nothing to do with Starmer. My point is merely things are even worse for the UK in 2023, than in 2019.

So again, the had it's opportunity in 2019 to cast its vote on Corbyn's vision for the country. So what happened

Also, what makes you believe if travelled the same policy road as did, he'd achieve a different result

We are hiring in , , , , & in 10 different departments.

Titles include Account Executive, Senior Software Eng, Software Eng, Technical Support Analyst, Revenue Operations Specialist, Technical Product Owner, SDR, Senior Product Designer, IT Operations Engineer, Executive Assistant, and Sr. People & Culture Business Partner and more!

I can tell u about office but none of these positions are on my team.


Chinese Military Hardware Flows into Russia, here is the evidence Western Media refuses to show: "Birds of Magyar" destroyed two Chinese Desertcross 1000-3 all-terrain vehicles with an attack octocopter near Krynk. The first video is from Magyar, showing their work. The second video is (VIDEOS and more)

Today : 2023-12-06 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

The tries, once again, to age-gate pornography

"Sellafield: bottomless pit of hell, money and despair at Europes most toxic nuclear site"

Citi is hiring a Summer Data Scientist (2024)
Location: London, United Kingdom

U.K. Announces Sanctions Targeting Businesses, Individuals Seen As Aiding 'Putin's War Machine' (more)

: Rossendale Intake Sluices & Weir
: sluice

UK announces new sanctions against suppliers that support Russia's invasion of Ukraine (more)

Well done for calling on churches to advocate for , the entrepreneur imprisoned under a draconian national security law, who is a citizen. DavidAltonHL natalieben benedictrogers chungchingkwong

La journe du 06 dcembre 2023 en quatre actualits politiques

UK announces $46 million humanitarian aid package for Ukraine (more)

Christopher couldnt get answers from Leilani and attributed it to her being a brilliant strategist. Quite the contrary, she couldnt tell him anything because she has nothing to say! She isnt really playing the game! 1st TikTok today:

Also as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

Ukraine's forces are now past first two lines of Russian defences and facing the third Ukraine's Defence Minister

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