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Britains Armed Forces would only last few months in war with Putin, damning report warns (The Sun News VIDEO)

'Iraq and Syria: Dozens Killed After US Attacks. The Iraqi government denied that the U.S. coordinate with the Iraqi authorities to carry out their bombing campaign against militia positions in western Iraq.'

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 683 kmh
Altitude: 10973 m
Distance: 6.6 km
Angle : 59.0
Direction ->: WNW


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El Banco de la Muerte en la desembocadura del estuario del ro Camel en Cornualles, Reino Unido. Es un banco de arena permanente donde han encallado, varado o naufragado cientos de naves. La leyenda cuenta que una sirena la cre como venganza al ser disparada por un lugareo.

Classic British social drama - Made In Britain - movie review here -

Two paintings from two years apart. The older one, which was painted in watercolour and is of a street in the UK, was done following along to an artist on YouTube, Tim Wilmot. The other one, of a house in the countryside with a few cars outside, was painted in gouache using calligraphy brushes.

"They thought they were doing good but it made people worse: why mental health apps are under scrutiny"

"As experts worry over privacy issues, ineffectiveness and even harm, the UK is looking at whether the plethora of digital mental health tools need regulating"

Yes, they do. But not the kind of regulation that exacerbates current concerns.

faces fresh scrutiny as minister accused of giving it VIP access

told firm owned by PMs wifes family he would do what he could to help grow it in

Weather at 6pm on Sun 4 Feb is fine, possibly showers, 10C (feels 8), pressure steady and 1.8mm rain. Humidity is 93%.

"Labour to ditch 28bn annual green investment pledge, party sources say"

Good evening. It's 6PM, Sunday, 4th February. The headlines: The and US have initiated a fresh series of airstrikes against Houthi insurgents in . Following her daughter Brianna Ghey's murder, a mother demands a ban on social media platforms. As observes its 20th year, debates over social media risks persist. declares an emergency and health alert in Valparaso due to deadly forest fires. Namibia mourns the death of President Hage Geingob at 82.


Besser keinen Flugzeugtrger als zwei, die nicht zuverlssig funktionieren

Did you know that generally supported state in the since XIX century and Isaac Butt, but made a U-turn with Margaret Thatcher coming to power

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron urged Western politicians and media to stop making pessimistic statements about the prospects of war in Ukraine.

The minister emphasized that the economy of the West is 25 times larger than Russia's. He also added that Russia has already suffered a strategic defeat.

Harbingers of in my

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 734 kmh
Altitude: 11582 m
Distance: 2.7 km
Angle : 76.7
Direction ->: WNW


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Sick of paying water companies to line shareholder pockets while destroying our environment and health Join the growing movement boycotting the sewage treatment charge for a service they don't get.

This organization is a vicious hungry wolf in sheep's clothing for sure...

...But they hired one hell of a graphic designer.

: Lock 6, Chemistry Lock
: lock
: Photo by DunnockD on Flickr


I think the study was related to unrealistic and miscalibrating expectations. I do not know how much of the findings can be extroplated to the field of either in the or the .

scraps after makers raise prices to cover any fines

Penalties drafted as part of to hasten take-up of replaced by quota system



I thought that it was to cover the costs of their Campaign


La meva per al dijous 8 de febrer s aquesta dels !

Novartis is hiring a Senior Principal Clinical Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

man who has lived legally in since 2001 faces

Lawyers and human rights campaigners say case shows Home Offices increasingly hostile policy towards citizens

The British military is not ready for full-scale war, raising concerns over supply shortages and recruiting crisis. Continuous strain on personnel exacerbates the recruitment and retention crisis. More people are leaving the Armed Forces than joining.

Glasgow, Scotland.

Red Sea attacks by Iran backed Houthis the United States and Britain conducted air strikes hitting 36 Houthi targets across 13 locations in Yemen.

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Sunday, 4th February. The headlines: Brianna Ghey's mother has called for a ban on a social media platform. The and US have carried out a third series of airstrikes against 's Houthi rebels, hitting 36 sites. In Essex, a woman has died following a dog attack, with one man detained. Paris residents are casting votes on raising parking charges for SUVs. The Royal Navy's HMS Duncan is participating in drills.


'Forcing all UK supermarkets to put not for EU labels on meat, dairy and plant products in a move to assuage the concerns of unionists in Northern Ireland will force up prices and undermine the war against inflation, ministers have been told.'

'After the revelation last month that the prime ministers decision to prioritise driving over walking and cycling was prompted in part by 15-minute city conspiracy theories, documents show that a claim about the wider policy shift was invented.'

'Government claims that it blocked councils from installing low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) appear to have been a fiction, the Guardian has learned, in another apparent sign that Rishi Sunaks plan for drivers is thus far mainly performative.'

'Tory donors oil and gas company given North Sea licence after 150,000 fine'

'Tory Lords Firm Awarded New North Sea Oil and Gas Licences
Michael Spencer, who has donated millions to the Conservative Party, is the largest shareholder in North Sea exploration firm Deltic Energy.'

'Khan added that: new drilling wont make any difference to our bills"'

The US & UK are hitting Houthi targets in Yemen as a result of strikes on shipping in the Red Sea - which are a result of the war crimes of Israel in Gaza. Rishi Sunak says its
his job to protect innocent lives and freedom - but this only applies to a certain group of people - not Palestinians

Masculinity and womens equality: study finds emerging gender divide in young peoples attitudes


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