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Brexit branded a huge mistake as protesters march to re-join EU -

Brexit called a huge mistake by protesters at rally in London - The Guardian

Pro-EU supporters march for Britain to rejoin bloc - AFP News

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Right-wing ideologues can't work out who broke Britain, so let me explain - inews

This might actually be a valid point.

It would be interesting to do the maths, but from Euston in North Central London youd need to take the Northern Line down to Moorgate and then the Elizabeth Line to the new station at Old Oak Common in deepest West London.

I wouldnt be surprised if its just quicker (and definitely less stressful) to use the West Coast Main Line.

Archive on 4, The Monkhouse Files: Listen to interviews and clips from the sound archives with the comedian and comedy expert Bob Monkhouse (19282003) as he navigates through his copious diaries and letters and talks about his personal memories with the comedy writer Bob Sinfield.

Listen> (free worldwide)


Oh look, man who only travels by private jet or helecopter thinks the north doesnt deserve high speed rail.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated a Russian tank column of 8 tanks near Novoyehorivka in the Svativ direction...

ATGM and FPV drones destroyed half of the convoy, the surviving tanks retreated.

Senior leadership among those killed in strike on Russia's Black Sea Fleet, Ukraine says

The attack left dozens of dead and wounded, Ukraines Special Operations Forces said in a statement.

Worth remembering this extraordinary documentary - 'From with Cash' - about , the world's heart of Russian criminal money laundering operations.

British estates agents, solicitors and QCs colluding and actively helping Russian and criminals purchase properties, driving up prices, and keeping out people from their British capital.

The astonishing scale of these schemes the government encourages.


The US will be providing these to Ukraine

The Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) is a surface-to-surface missile system that can strike targets beyond the range of other Army missiles, rockets, and cannons. The missiles are designed to hit point targets, such as command posts, missile launchers, and communication centers, in any weather conditions

Coogan and Vorderman back tactical voting calls at Lib Dem conference

8pm... time to dance!

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The British Challenger-2 tank is armed with defenders from the 82nd ODSHBr somewhere in the steppes of Zaporozhye.

on , and what he will do next:

"...This is what nefarious leaders do, rely on cultural tropes that have become normalized to drum up support among followers they've groomed. I began the week hoping these allegations would mean a -style reckoning for influencers across the board, now I can only imagine how far he's willing to go to save his own skin, with a growing group of followers..."

Here are some of my thoughts on and our future.

With the "Safety" Bill in the - one of the most democratic and free countries in the world, it is clear that our future will not be easier, but only more difficult.
we are once again forced to fight for our freedom, for our rights.

The is likely to pass a mass law this month, which means there are not many places left in the world where we can be free.
the influx of migrants provokes politicians to take strange deterrent measures, I wouldn't be surprised if they could introduce additional measures like special provisions for document searches and closing borders. has become a topic of discussion.
we must not give up, because we are the on the war. Act with conscience and fairness, use free software, donate.

good luck to all lovers and defenders of our rights who work hard for us)

iPhone iMessage "Zeroclick" Exploits (ie: FORCEDENTRY / BLASTPASS)


UK Online Safety Bill Passes

Meanwhile in the ...

called a huge mistake by protesters at rally in London

culminated in demonstration in Parliament Square calling for the to rejoin the

This new US-Ukraine collaboration
is a game-changer

thanks for the heads up about this. I'm in and not even had an email about the changes but my profile was public. This is in breach of so many laws in I find it staggering they have done this. Don't think realise how huge the fines can be for this sort of thing.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the defense of the Katsapna in Verbovoy in the Zaporizhzhia direction.
Also, soon, even more promotion is possible.
A major breakthrough in the counteroffensive will be possible after the Ukrainian defenders will be able to free Tokmak.

or whatever u want to call this country, is the most corrupt country in Europe including in Politics, Sports, Union, Royalty, and media. Forget their Snobbishness, Posh Universities, Financial Service, Royalty, or the fake Union. Over the next five posts, I will give you my bird's eye view of corrupt Britain.

The strike on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters shows that Russian propaganda about its mighty air defense is mostly propaganda.

ministers scrap after six months

Group tasked with overseeing initiative to homes and upgrade was only set up in March

UK officials carrying out back room secret talks with Russia, undermining both Ukraine and global security says supposed journalist Richard Holmes (more)

6pm: Time for The New Music and Scottish Album Charts show.
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Radio Jammor is on the air...
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I got a question today about desalination plants in Cornwall and the damage they might do to the ocean. My answer was that no-one should be considering desalination in the UK. The problem is that we manage our existing freshwater resources incredibly badly, wasting huge amounts for absolutely no reason. Everyone should read Tim Smedleys book The Last Drop to find out how, and we all should be angry about it - its not just about sewage, but the entire water system.

New UK anime DVD/Blu-ray release OUT NOW Junk Head - review here -

British Prime Minister maybe about to unleash Austerity 3.0

'There will be more to come from Mr Sunak as he seeks to show his true colours after a career spent ramping up spending in response to successive crises and in contrast to his staunchly right-wing personal views.'

British head of state: 'Meanwhile, King Charles branded global warming our most existential challenge. The King made the remarks in a historic address during his state visit to France as he became the first British monarch to speak in the French senate chamber.'

Ethiopian Prince Alemayehu's lock of hair returned after 140 years in

Pink News: The Guardian removes transphobic healthy bodies line from Sex Education review

: Bridge 210, Saltford Railway Bridge
: railway bridge
: Photo by bloomspix on Flickr

Two photos of a Great tit from the wood this morning

A Pigeon Portrait (Woodpigeon)

Ukraine reports significant breakthrough on southern front!

A Collared Dove on a fence in the shadows of the woodland

A few years ago I wrote a blog series trying to introduce to new listeners.

Heres Part I, Jazz

"Anti-net zero campaigners and climate science deniers are claiming credit for the Prime Minister Rishi Sunaks weakening of UK green policies, as a senior official told DeSmog that civil servants were left scratching their heads after being ignored by Sunak this week."

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