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Love you really, Sam Ryder

Water floods tunnel as Eurostar trains cancelled

Shelling in Russian city kills several after 18-hour barrage across Ukraine

Listen: Queen Camilla admits shes terrible at doing voices when reading to grandchildren

Israel-Gaza: Half of Gazas population living in Rafah says UN 'sPopulation

8pm... time to dance!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
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Six years ago, a family of Muslim refugees, who were welcomed into the , plotted and blew up people at Manchester arena during an Ariana Grande concert. 22 people died and 1017 were injured.

Last night, the same venue was used to teach jihadi techniques to convert kaffirs.


Bombshell: UN Calls Israel To Investigate Allegations Of 'Execution' Of 11 Unarmed Palestinian

Ukraine in Peril: Explosive Interview with Cormac Smith Reveals Shocking Realities (UATV News VIDEO)

You can keep your Greek mythology. The entire Ship Of Theseus thing can be explained to your average Brit with the following image.

Brexit has failed for UK, say clear majority of Britons poll



Fun fact. They're now selling Bags with the word "" printed on the Box (true story in the ).

That's not green tea wash some brands of Tea bags have always been biodegradable. So, that's educational marketing because the information is a fact (not an incorrect opinion. AKA not misinformation or disinformation)

12 brands of plastic-free tea bags

Just because a label says biodegradable, doesnt mean that it actually is

The curious tale of how Viagra was discovered Men Up BBC Ideas BBC

Christ the Redeemer was lit up to mark the first anniversary of Peles death.

UN condemns Russias renewed mass-bombing campaign in Ukraine (BBC News VIDEO)

Live: View of Rafah tent camp as thousands of displaced Gazans seek refuge

Ukraine launches deadly drone attack on Russian city of Belgorod

Liz Truss resignation honours list published amid allegations of cronyism

Russia just admitted it was theirs in this stupid statement!

Russias top diplomat in Poland says Moscow won't provide any explanations about an unidentified object that briefly entered Polands airspace until it receives evidence that shows the object was a Russian missile

A family received a very special holiday gift when their cat Westley - who had been missing for over six months - returned home on Christmas morning. Inconceivable you say Not on Caturday

Russia loses three large amphibious assault ships in Black Sea, 10 more to go (Kanal 13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

"Old toasters, hairdryers and kettles to be collected from roadside under new plans"

6pm Saturday: Time for the New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &


Brexit EU

Defense Ministry: At current rate, to lose 500,000 troops by 2025

A couple of photos of Long-tailed tits

Just a Robin sitting in a tree

has completely failed for , say clear majority of Britons poll

Only one in 10 feel leaving the has helped their finances, while just 9% say it has benefited the , despite 350m a week pledgesic according to new poll

More scenes from Belgorod Russia Today.

Ukrainian missiles, shot down by Russian air defense, rained debris on the center of Belgorod.

Belgorod Russia Today

Ukrainian missiles targeted military facilities, but Russian air defenses intercepted some missiles, sending debris raining down in the center of Belgorod.

Latest update was 45 dead and scores wounded.


No traces of the Russian missile that flew into the country's airspace the day before were found in Poland. The search operation has already been completed, and approximately 500 Polish military personnel participated in it.

Your first New Years resolution is easy

Floodwater gushes through tunnel near Ebbsfleet as Eurostar services cancelled

Video shows moments before police killed Niani Finlayson seconds after responding to her 911 call

Christmas day collision: Dramatic moment car crashes full speed into bulldozer

According to the Russian news agency, 74 soldiers died as a result of the attack on the ship "Novocherkask".

Another 27 were injured.

: Dry Dock, Braunston X 2
: dry dock
: Photo by Railway Dave & Jim Freebury on Flickr

Ukraine Retaliation!

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, 10 people were killed and 45 injured in Belgorod.

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