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Before anyone can commit to active military engagement in the Middle East, people in the US and UK need to consider that both countries are heading towards elections.

There is also growing unrest due to the cost of living crisis and the economic recovery from the Covid pandemic. Then there is the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the issue of what is to be done with Israel and Gaza.

Maybe the West should try a new approach rather than using a previously tried and tested model.

The face of Genocide

"I wish we had stayed in Gaza City":

Injured Palestinian child

after Israeli strike on Khan Younis

According to Al-Jazeera, 'Iraq has increasingly become a scene for strikes between Iran-backed forces and the United States amid Israels brutal war on Gaza, with concerns mounting about a serious escalation.'

But what also needs to be asked is, can the US and UK afford to commit the finances and man power to another 20 years of war in the Middle East

And what about the consequences As this would mean directly and publicly confronting Iran, and all of their regional 'backed forces'.


The belief in democracy was also set back by the emergence of terror groups like Al-Qaida, prisoner abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib and the coalitions failure to provide basic infrastructure, in a country which had already been plagued by the 1991 Gulf War and UN sanctions.

According to the Iraqi Children Foundation, by the end of US/UK military operations, over 800.000 Iraqi children had been left as orphans.

It's been twenty years since the US and UK established 'Democracy' in Iraq and we're also coming up to a decade since the 2014 ISIS Genocide.

But the question now being asked is, could Israels Gaza war drag Iraq into another conflict

The US & UK were seriously damaged across the entire MENA region, with the false claims that Saddam had WMD's which could be launched in 45 minutes.

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There is no doubt.

'Textbook Case Of Genocide'

Israeli Historian On Gaza

Doctor Who takes place in a Britain which in which no-one recognises a tardis. Necessarily I suppose but its weird all the same.

Except for Mrs Flood. Whats that about

Doctor Who, the TV programme, cant exist there, but surely there should be some equivalent After all, this alternative Britain has the same history & structure as our own.

Loving the new Doctor. So charismatic.

That scene gave me goosebumps

Blackpool Tower fire found to be orange netting blowing in wind

UK farming on its knees as supermarkets are urged to show fairness

makes silly videos in No. 10 & keeps everyone waiting for a date. I'm desperately hoping for Spring. These criminals must be removed from power ASAP. Any other country would have riots in the streets after all that's been done to the .

Hong Kong activist convicted under security law flees to U.K. - (free link) 's loss, 's gain...

Australian family fights to hold down caravan shelter during storm

Extreme weather: mini tornado and Storm Gerrit do damage in UK

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Israel is not a great nation nor society. It's not even close. It's also not a democracy as of 2022. If Israel were a great nation, would it have to have its elites educated in the US and UK Why do Israeli politicians and senior IDF commanders speak with American (and even Scottish) accents It's a shitty imperialst power, propped-up by the US empire. Come at me, Zionists. Also, fuck you.

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Tests confirm woolly mammoths roamed Scotland 45,000 years ago, were big-boned but not fat bastards

For the record there are no culture wars.

There are holier than thou bigots that can not mind their own business and try to impose their irrational views, values on all others

"Could It Be I'm Falling in Love" is a 1972 song recorded by the American R&B vocal group (known as "Detroit Spinners" in the ). It was co-written by Melvin and Mervin Steals, two songwriter brothers working for , who were sometimes credited as "Mystro and Lyric." It was produced by , recorded at Philadelphia's and the house band provided the backing. sings lead through most of the song.

Ncuti and Millie are such a mood!

Huge Shakira statue unveiled in her hometown.

Suspect hiding from police makes dirt angels on construction site

"Cheaper EV charging and green tax cuts: Jeremy Hunts Net Zero options for Spring Budget"

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

What is driving the highest UK vinyl sales since 1990

Good evening. It's 6PM, Thursday, 28th December. The headlines: ramps up pressure on Taiwan ahead of elections. threatens action unless Lebanon reins in Hezbollah, amid an escalation in . A tornado wreaks havoc in Greater Manchester. vinyl sales hit a high not seen since 1990. Sweden pioneers wooden wind turbines.

Blackpool Tower fire just orange netting in wind, say police

Apparently, lying down next to a wall is the only way my bin won't blow over again.

At least everything else seems intact, unlike in Manchester and Scotland.

Israeli soldiers stepped on their heads and backs, were spat at, slammed against walls, threatened, insulted, humiliated and in some cases subjected to sexual and gender-based violence


Puente itinerante de Lambert's Lane cruzando el canal de Macclesfield a su paso por Congleton, Inglaterra. La curva permite continuar el camino de sirga hasta la otra orilla, evitando desenganchar al caballo que tiraba de la embarcacin.

"But in the end, it's just engineering, step by step"

Of course, It requires engineering to construct a nuclear waste disposal facility

Have you heard of the sunk cost fallacy

For example, the power station, which is also a dump for the UK's legacy , is in an area that would be suitable for more wind, moving water (e.g., Tidal & wave) & solar energy (plus , etc). But, they have 'sunk' their costs into Nuclear

Accidental special effects: Loose orange netting creates an illusion of ontop of Tower.

"...Witnesses spotted "flames" coming from a metal section near the top of the famous landmark at about 14:15 GMT...

"...Lancashire Police added: 'What looked like a fire from a distance was in fact lights on a reflective netting surface at the top of the tower...'"

7 XL

NXT returns to WWE Network for UK fans from January 2nd:

I actually did Weee training in Brussels circa 2005 but of course the UK never really implemented it fully. Let's now pretend we thought of this.Better late than never I guess

Map shows parts of that could be lost to the sea by 2100 The Argus -

averts more than that caused by capitals , report shows The Guardian

Whats not to like

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