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- Aure

Nintendo teases Switch successor.

Starmer welcomes MP who defected from Conservatives

King Charles second snub to Prince Harry was no accident after four years of sons attacks

Moment truck slams into bridge in Virginia

has caught up with in the production of UAVs similar to Shaheds.

will additionally contribute 23 million euros to the Energy Support Fund of Ukraine.

To destroy Crimean bridge, you need a lot of missiles: our experts know where to hit, - Yevlash

has decided not to participate in financing the activities of the CSTO.

My friend Bramble (offspring of Hedgy and Hazel) having a snack this evening. Bramble was busy catching flies when I visited this evening, seemed to be enjoying it. In .

Really loving this week, getting out for cycling.
Looking back at my weight, I think there's a correlation to dry days, and cycling.
I park my bike indoors on carpet, so arriving home with a dripping, dirty bike isn't ideal.
Next week is going to be wet as fuck though :(

US, UK authorities unmask Russian national as LockBit administrator.

China suspected of massive cyberattack on database of UK armed forces personnel.

We strongly agree with this, here in our Hobbit hole*
Any sensible Hobbit would, we think
Wes is not a friend

*in England

"British spy planes have recorded up to 1,000 hours of footage over Gaza, including from the day Israel assassinated three UK aid workers."
"The extraordinary number of missions over the past five months works out at well over a flight per day and continues as Israel invades the supposedly safe southern city of Rafah."

"British officials could also face prosecution for complicity in war crimes, including defence secretary Grant Shapps."
Let's hope so

Number 1 for Free UK Wills

"Gentleman's club enters 21st Century"

only the third decade into it lads, you in a hurry

"The ultimate goal, I suggest, was a translatio imperii the establishment of an imperial monarchy in the west that could rival the Habsburg empire, and which in time, perhaps, might even come to imitate the universal glory of the Roman imperium. Not the American Atlantic seaboard, but rather the continent of Europe, with its arms, its learning, and its treasure, was the goal of Bacons early imperial vision."

Serjeantson, R. (2024) Francis Bacon, colonisation, and the limits of Atlanticism, History of European Ideas, pp. 114. doi: .

attribution: Yale Center for British Art, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:

Revealed: NUS majority calls for expulsion of main Jewish group

Prof. David Miller's significant tribunal victory: anti-Zionism is not racism!

UK will expel Russian military attache over espionage. The decision is a result of aggressive Russian activities not only in the UK, but across Europe. The UK will also remove diplomatic status from several Russian-related properties and impose new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas.

Im a British farmer. Heres the scary truth about whats happening to our crops

The climate crisis is making the farming business unsustainable and without support for us, food security will suffer too



WHEN: 17TH OF 2024 12PM

Folks are organising the yearly National Animal Rights March in London and are aiming for huge numbers. Back in 2019, 12 thousand people took to the streets in the name of rights, lets see if that number can be beaten!

Groups will be coming together, from hunt saboteurs to anti vivisectionists to outreach groups. Hear all about what other folks are working on and upcoming . This is a great opportunity to network and spread the word about any campaign or public actions you have planned. Go with mates, your local AR group, or on your own.

Therell be plenty of speakers, stalls, and an awful lot of banners. Dust off the megaphone, make some noise and take over London. *Friendly that will be information gathering at this event, so take steps to keep yourself and others safe. Be smart, dont talk to !

My first Red Poppy this year

Spirits of Place October 12, 2024, Birkenhead, Wirral, UK

Google Delists Sites Providing DIY Hormone Therapy at Behest of UK Government

Google has removed two websites providing DIY hormone replacement therapy used in gender-affirming care from search results at the request of the UK government, according to legal letters viewed by 404 Media ().

poll analysis: Norstat for 30 April -3 May 2024: a messy Scottish Parliament outcome might lose all their Central Belt seats at not much change on polling

PMQs live: Sunak faces Starmer as Tory MP Natalie Elphicke defects to labour

"Signs of heatstroke: symptoms, treatment and how to prevent it "

"The rivers that are too full of sewage to clean up"

UK officials under fire for congratulating repressive new chief of Ugandas army Global development The Guardian

Yes, ok, it's a great propaganda win for Labour, for another Tory MP to cross the floor. But, in truth, should Labour be so open armed to these defectives sic It's a simple example of venal MPs wanting to keep their job, even if it means playing for the party they've been actively reviling. Will they support socialist policies Or are they quietly blue-ing up Labour

: Bridge 22 (Railway)
: railway bridge
: Photo by duncan cumming on Flickr

Let's think:

1. Sunshine - coming and going, playing hide and seek with the clouds
2. Castleton - the hills, the hills! And the hills. And a gently challenging walk
3. A place to stay - the Bull's Head, if you want a recommendation

(photos to follow)


"Ofcom Refuses to Investigate GB News Over Climate Conspiracy Theories"

2024-05-08 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

"Russia-Ukraine war: UK to expel Russian defence attache, who it claims is undeclared military intelligence officer as it happened"

The will expel russia's defence attache, remove diplomatic status from some properties and limit the length of russian diplomatic visas in response to what interior minister James Cleverly called moscow's "malign activity".

Stand with


A gull sat on my garage roof.

With the war in stretching into a third year and the rich getting accustomed to the idea that Russian citizens are no longer welcome in the West, the tried-and-true playbook for transferring fortunes has been effectively vanquished. Even and some of the favorite spots of old have introduced bans on providing management services to family trusts with Russian nationals as trustors or beneficiaries.

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 08 May 2024.

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