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As America watches Republicans lounge on holiday taking a taxpayers vacation, US officials predict Ukraine to face ''catastrophic'' ammunition shortage in April, even with EU contributions (more)

Safe air-quality levels in US, UK and EU still harmful for health, study says

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Explosions / air defence fire in Odesa - UAV attack
Also, group of UAVs (up to 7 pieces) flies in the Poltava area on a northernly course.
UAVs flies towards Myrhorod.
3 TU-22M3 aircraft (takeoff from Engels) are in the airspace of the Krasnodar Territory of Ruzzia and are flying towards Novorossiysk / Black Sea and on a westerly course towards the missile launch lines in the Sevastopol area

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Russia threatens UKs cod and haddock supply as Putin pulls out of decades-old fishing deal The Independent

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Aldi UK Continues Success Trajectory, Drops Fruit & Veg Prices to Encourage Healthy Eating, Creates 5,500 Jobs

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alone should aim for 20k soldiers with an annual total of at least 40k.

And (excluding ), should have a target of 100k for the year, minimum.

But it's officers that need training too.

We have a quest to visit an Irish pub in 32 countries.

So during our time in Edinburgh in August, we stopped for a Guinness in an Irish pub located under a bridge arch along the Royal Mile.

It was all decked out for a stand-up comedy event as part of the Fringe Festivaland definitely ranked among the more interesting venues weve been to.

UK to quit 'outdated' fossil fuel friendly treaty

UK quits treaty that lets oil firms sue government

to send 200 more Brimstone anti-tank missiles to

The UK, in collaboration with other allies, will train a further 10,000 Ukrainian troops in the first half of 2024

Today I can announce a new package of 200 Brimstone anti-tank missiles in a further boost to defend Ukraine. These missiles have previously had significant impact on the battlefield, in one instance forcing russian forces to abandon and retreat an attempted crossing of a river -Shapps

False comparison. Sorry. And yes it's horrible what is done to him in London. But the never was brilliant in that sense. They could have deported him one night safely to Australia. The Home Office could have stated something like overstayed or refusal because of $diplomaticlie. Other countries would have acted like this.

But - to compare this to 's regime which kills everyone opposing him - that's a false equivalence.


Postkarte 1 der Consett Iron Works in Consett/Durham, gelaufen 1917.
Die Consett Iron Company Ltd bernahm 1864 die anno 1840 gegrndete Derwent Iron Company und bestand mit wechselnden Namensgebungen bis 1980. Das Unternehmen betrieb neben Eisen- und Stahlwerken auch Kohlengruben

UK Durham Consett Iron Works 1917

Postkarte 1 der Consett Iron Works in Consett/Durham, gelaufen 1917.

Die Consett Iron Company Ltd bernahm 1864 d


27 August 2011

A rare, tranquil moment of a turbulent year.

U.K. Announces New Russia Sanctions To Mark Ukraine Invasion Anniversary (more)


Hamas wants ceasefire more than anyone.

"Lindsay Hoyle admits mistakes in push for separate motions so lawmakers could be free to vote without fear of attack over stances MP says his parents lives were threatened."

"The chaotic debate over a ceasefire in Gaza reverberated through Britains Parliament on Thursday as the speaker of the House of Commons faced calls to resign, and lawmakers said they feared for their safety amid pressure from all sides of the issue."

AstraZeneca is hiring a Data Science Intern
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

A compilation of Russian propaganda threats to destroy other countries.
Was your country mentioned

UK quits treaty that lets fossil fuel firms sue governments over climate policies

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Lot of reports in the news about Liz Truss blaming "trans activists" for her failures as Prime Minister. I just want us to never forget that an iceberg lettuce outlasted her in number 10.

UK announces sanctions two days before the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine (more)

quits treaty that lets firms sue over policies The Guardian

UK Labour Party Plans A Full Ban On Fox Hunting

"Oil drilling while in the Energy Charter Treaty is economically reckless"

Right wing - Con , Barbaric culture group- terrorists are the majour danger in Canada

Judge rules killer of London, Ont., Muslim family committed terrorism, calling it a 'textbook case'

What Keir Stamler did in parliment in the yesterday is beyond a disgrace. Putting politics before human life is unforgivable and he is unfit to be Prime Minister.

Britain will send Ukraine 200 more Brimstone anti-tank missiles, Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has announced.

The Brimstone is a surface-to-surface or air-to-surface missile developed by the MBDA UK consortium for the British Royal Air Force. It is a 50-kilogram missile with a length of almost 2 meters and a warhead weighing over 6 kilograms. The maximum speed is Mach 1.3 (450 m/s).

Study reveals UK offshore emissions through used vehicle exports

russia has pulled out of a long-standing deal with the - and said Britons should "lose weight and get smarter".

It allowed British boats to fish in the Barents Sea

moscow says a 1956 agreement has been axed in response to the UK's sanctions on six people in charge of the penal colony where Alexei died.

HEY! 10 Years of War: Ukrainian Heroes Defend Their Motherland Today is Day 3654 - 10 years of War in Ukraine and the Day little green men invaded Crimea in 2014, while the world sat doing nothing until 2022. (more)

UK to provide Ukraine with 200 more Brimstone anti-tank missiles (more)

Denmark announces 15th military aid package for Ukraine

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