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From to treatment, millions in funds are being paid out of the system every year

Private equity groups collecting millions to run UK government-funded referral centres

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The is climbing again but the road ahead looks rocky -

Over the three months to January, fell by 0.1%, while the economy still remains smaller than when  became prime minister in late 2022. Growth has been near zero since, output per head remains lower than pre-pandemic, and real wages are still worth less than in 2008.

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Researchers looked at 13 long-term studies from well-off countries including the to examine what happened before and after public health provision was outsourced.

Their conclusion:Increases in privatisation generally corresponded with worse quality of care (who knew inc. dental)

Byline Times Podcast: " is bad for your "

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"Alan Whicker reports from Dublin, about Dubliners' ambivalent feelings towards one of the city's most famous - and incongruous - landmarks, Nelson's Pillar. What do people think should be done about this monument to a British hero, towering over the main thoroughfare of the capital of the Republic of Ireland"

Do the majority of people want "a massive concentration of power at the top" of society Do they want to feel powerless because of how the rich minority control authorities such as the &

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Byline Times Podcast: "Vulture Capitalism"

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Late stage

Kim Kardashian has apps on her phone that have caught the eye of both her critics and fans

Good evening. It's 6PM, Wednesday, 13th March. The headlines: MPs question Chancellor Jeremy Hunt on the Budget. A blast strikes an aid depot in Rafah. Alexei Navalny's ally, Leonid Volkov, suffers an attack in . Rishi Sunak is under examination for a donor implicated in a racism controversy. The reports expansion of the world's tallest trees. Asylum seekers denied refuge are proposed 3,000 to move to Rwanda.

The Tories have spent over 740,000 on Facebook advertising so far this year fuelling rumours of a May election.

Voters in marginal seats are being targeted with endless social media videos of their local MP.

Of course, you should always vote for the party you best align with, but if you want to vote tactically to get the Tories out, this site might help:

UK Government: Protect The Oceans

Vegandale Is Coming To The UK How To Get Tickets

Well the replacement for the miss described 70-200mm f4 lens arrived!
Had a play with it on Donnas as mine hasnt returned from a sensor clean yet.
I think this will be good fun to use and so much lighter than an f2.8, so Ill carry and use it more.

Ewok Forests will help this country through Climate Change.
So the Tories will probably want to cut them down now.
Will Labour

Footage allegedly showing scene of Ukraine's botched incursion into Russia's Belgorod region in the past few days.

"Analysis: UK emissions in 2023 fell to lowest level since 1879"

American economist James L. Galbraith, professor at the University of Texas at Austin, on the results of Western sanctions policy:

"A situation arose when sanctions were imposed by only one, albeit important part of the world economy, which cut itself off from the resources it needed - this is especially true in relation to Western Europe. And in return, it deprived Russia of many things that it did not need anyway, which it could do without and to the absence of which it easily adapted. This all started back in 2014, but sharply intensified in 2022-2023."

Do you support Israeli war crimes, terrorism and genocide ,in the name of religion

Mehdi Hassan challenges Piers Morgan's treatment of pro-Palestinian guests

: Bridge 9, Common Lane Footbridge
: track bridge

Putin stated that Russia's development of Avangard missiles has cancelled all the investment made by the US in its missile defense system - Sputnik

"Climate Crisis Denier Lee Anderson Finds Common Cause With Reform UK"

What's about this Other than the fact that Putin is again starting a new wave of global nuclear blackmailing and extortion in his war propaganda

are to blame. (laggards).

Kate Middleton needs alone time from the UK public, according to an insider.

Another social at the tonight!

Open and free to all, check out the details here:

Tory Backed Report Says Closer Ties With The EU Will Help Boost Growth

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Weather at 3pm on Wed 13 Mar is fairly fine, showers likely, 10C (feels 8), pressure steady and 15.2mm rain so far today. Humidity is 94%.

Putin on Western colonialism:

"Western elites have a great desire to freeze the current unjust situations in international affairs. For centuries theyve become used to stuffing their stomachs with human flesh & their pockets with moneyThe vampire ball is coming to an end.

Edward Wadie Said:

"If we had seized Palestine in 1948 the same way we left Gaza to the Palestinians, Israel would not exist. We destroyed the economy, we deported most of the capable people, we forced people to live in shacks and refugee camps for a certain period of time. Has anyone been to Gaza This is one of the most crime-ridden places on earth due to Israeli occupation policies You cannot continue to persecute someone just because you were once a victim yourself. There must be a limit."

"Antisemitism training for schools frozen after legal challenge from left-wing group"

"UK branch of the US-based Diaspora Alliance launches judicial review over use of IHRA definition of antisemitism"

plans to adapt to fall far short of what is required

Government has no credible plan for effects of , says

Our over-reliance on gas is what has caused energy bills to skyrocket in recent years. Now, more than ever, we need affordable, home-grown, renewable energy - not fossil fuels. Sign the open letter to help us show Rishi Sunak and his Government that our country should and could be running on local wind and solar - not expensive, imported gas.


Blundering Royal Stoke pays out after mum loses baby - Stoke-on-Trent Live

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