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Now the target is Pramila Jayapal. Amerika, your progressives!

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to see how manipulative and insane corporate media is when it comes to Israel!


Higher salary thresholds and restrictions on family migration included in new immigration rules

The operation according to sources who briefed Johnsons employer, the would have taken place against the backdrop of a tit-for-tat row in March 2021 between the then prime minister and the , which was moving towards restricting exports of across the Channel.

considered raid on vaccine plant in the The Guardian

You know that the stars have truly aligned when a man named Dr Bush can fly to Australia and win a mullet competition

New finds that only 25% of feel with their .

A new report by in with reveals the attitudes of .

"UK unveils 11 bn windfarm investment by UAE, German firms"

It's not 6pm Saturday: Time for the (rerun of) New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show

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He quit the State Department over US support for Israel. Here's why he did it

When Did Britain and America Stop Hating Each Other (Short Animated Documentary)

Pink News: Backbenchers, tired of government delays, propose conversion therapy bill -Moyle

Throughout the prime ministers unequivocal backing for Israels war on Gaza, his family has been profiting from a business that has appointed Israeli military intelligence veterans to senior positions.

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: Ill be back with more .

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With the new rule ( raising the salary requirement to 38.700 GBP), I would not have been able to obtain a visa for my Postdoc at Lancaster University (in computer science).

Just a little perspective on how much that is.

has of 50 and that let people too easily.

Well, this is reassuring : Sellafield nuclear site hacked by groups linked to Russia and China

Keir Starmer breaks the great taboo: Praising Margaret Thatcher

Ipsos is hiring a Data Scientist / Python Developer
Location: London, United Kingdom

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Boris Johnson considered raid on vaccine plant in the Netherlands

Covid inquiry expected to be told former PM was open to military options to obtain impounded jabs from factory in Leiden

'Win-win': UK set to return to key EU research programme, Horizon Europe, on 1 January

The United Kingdom will make its return to the European Union's science research programme, Horizon Europe, on 1 January 2024, both sides confirmed on Monday.

The for the UK (photo on the right) to join .

If every CPTPP consents (which ironically requires for 3 ), the UK couldn't the (photo on the left).

An enraged Johnson asked security services to draw up military options to obtain impounded doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from a plant in Leiden after Britain had negotiated a deal with the company.
To be clear:
Prime minister considers military action against an country and the UK wants to rejoin EU
I must be missing something...

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The Lamp, by Amy B. Atkinson (18591916)
oil on canvas

I am utterly entranced by the woman in the image, her beautiful face and stare.

Image from the Art UK website, image believed to be in Public Domain.

site hacked by groups linked to russia and china

may still be present and potential effects have been covered up by staff, investigation reveals

The astonishing disclosure and its potential effects have been consistently covered up by senior staff at the vast nuclear waste and decommissioning site, the investigation has found.

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Weather at 6pm on Mon 4 Dec is becoming fine, 5C (feels 2), pressure rising slowly and 4.0mm rain. Humidity is 93%.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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"Ministers draw up blacklist of countries letting people change gender 'too easily': They will face tougher rules if they move to the UK"


Learning about the UK

Update to plan to make UK a "science and technology superpower": UK govt raise salary threshold for skilled foreign workers to 38700. New PhD starting salary for PDRAs is typically 37099.

Pink News: Brianna Ghey trial: Boy says co-accused called herself a satanist

and the will establish finance and investment consultative bodies, following the Downing Street Accord. This move aims to boost trade, clean energy and tech cooperation, including in the nuclear and semiconductor sectors.

This diagram from the 2021 National Food Strategy independent review shows why there is no in the unless & consumption are cut dramatically. 85% of the farmland (abroad & in UK) is used to rear animals for food providing only 32% of calories consumed by humans. No surprises that the UK government did not act on this.

Ceramic Mug 11oz
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"Login details and passwords for secure IT systems were inadvertently broadcast on national TV by the BBC One nature series Countryfile, after crews were invited into the secure site for a piece on rural communities and the nuclear industry."

Britain handed Ukraine Martlet missiles to fight Shahed drones

This is a light multi-purpose guided missile that has already been used in Ukraine before, they shot down aircraft and UAVs (on video).

Minimum salary needed to get UK worker visa rises
Home Secretary James Cleverly has just announced an increase to the minimum salary required for foreign workers to be eligible for a UK work visa.

People now wanting a skilled worker visa will have to earn 38,700, up from the previous level of 26,200

So all those vital health care workers that the UK cannot provide will be paid more.but hang on wont that put the cost of the NHS up

"Sunak's got the Grandfather of all Raspberries coming"

I hope.

But he could be ousted (or he could leg it) before the next General Election.


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