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AFUs CIC, Gen. Zaluzhnyi discusses with American, British partners cooperation in military sphere (more)


DISCHARGE - War is hell

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'Putin is just as much a terrorist as Osama Bin Laden' Bill Browder (Times Radio News VIDEO)

Where has this ludicrous idea that the should process asylum claims in come from Is there air too pure here for asylum seekers to breath

It is as if Diane Abbott and others promoting this so called progressive policy have forgotten that ferries cross the channel every 40 minutes or so. Perhaps they can no longer see asylum seekers as people and so can't imagine them travelling like a normal human being.

Any which way, it is weird and must be opposed. File under as another terrible idea the moment you reflect on what it mean

Group of Russian spies lived near military base in Britain (more)

I get that most signs have to be quickly understood when you're driving, but this sign always rubs me the wrong way. How far ahead is the road closed Can I pass anyway as I'm cycling

Slashdot: UK To Host AI Safety Summit at Start of November

Do UK children today enjoy watching Chucklevision

Child 1 doesn't like it (8 years old, female, born and raised in Germany but bilingual and bicultural).

As someone who still thinks it's the best TV programme ever, that's slightly disappointing

Wondering if it just takes some getting used to, or if tastes have very regrettably moved on.

Network Rail secure planning permission for Leven station

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Last week was windy, gloomy and was off from work but NOW this week is when the heat and sun comes out. Fookin island

Are you tired of the same old language being used to describe refugees

If so, check out this video and listen to Baroness Emma Nicholson describe the incredible work of the AMAR Foundation.

Baroness Nicholson also highlights the radical approaches being used, to rebuild the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in Iraq.

If you believe in change, then check out:

Number 1 for Free UK Wills

In a county called Dumbria, that the yocals call , in the , many of local folk & folk tourists that pollute the area, like nothing more than burning wood

Check out the description of a holiday cottage in the area, the odds are that a "log fire" will be advertised

Also, the yocal farmers, when their not busy moving sheep using diesel trucks from field to field, enjoy burning piles of wood on their land

But, burning wood causes diseases (particle pollution) & (CO2)

New study: At least in the , in the field of , "an author is systematically more likely to cite anothernot only if they work on similar topics, but most relevantly if they have been co-authors, faculty colleagues, alumni of the same Alma Mater, and even if they express similar political views. The implication is that do not signal the intrinsic quality of research outputs only, but they also capture social and professional connections."

: workers to due to reduced benefits because they are

Contracted caterers to strike. Staff wear same uniform as directly employed workers, earn considerably less, "will be left in in ."

A trip down memory lane - UK Cochrane Pike Hike, Northumberland National Park, Northumberland Part 1 of 3 - Another walk in the stunning National Park

wrong to say consultants get tax-free , admits government -

We're organising a free (hybrid) event called "Leave to Remain: A Snapshot of Brexit". Tickets below

Dr Noni Stacey will be talking about her latest book which explores the role of art, photography, activism and satire in disseminating debates around Britain leaving the EU. I'll also be getting some Brexit archives out to show.

Weather at 6pm on Wed 16 Aug is indeterminate, 19C, pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 80%.

How Misunderstood Putin

Once again The Scottish Government, unlike the UK Government, averts strike action by Junior Doctors in by doing the right thing - negotiating and putting an acceptable offer on the table.

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: Ouse Bridge
: road bridge
: Photo by CARLOS62 on Flickr

A trip down memory lane - A beautiful but sad walk The Shepherds Cairn Walk, Northumberland National Park, Northumberland 2 of 2

The s four-decade-long adherence to neoliberal economic policies has led to economic decline, , a lack of and an underregulated market.

There's potential for a leftward political shift due to public discontent and a desire for change, especially among younger generations. The left must organise, overcome internal obstacles, and seize the opportunity by offering a viable electoral option.

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence confirms Russia is assembling Shahed attack UAVs: reason for Ukraine to step up air defence (more)

Pink News: Elderly gay man burned by cigarette and left bruised by staff in care home abuse

Good. Britain desperately needs a serious politician and leader. Blair is the last one that Britain had, and the catastrophic error of Iraq doesn't change that.

"Tony Blair, Former U.K. Leader, Is Suddenly Back in Favor - The New York Times"

"The former British prime minister, who left Downing Street widely unpopular, is back in favor with his party, Labour, which hopes his political skills can be an advantage as an election nears."

A Ukrainian Defender shares the first time he cried during the war and the real reason he's fighting.

Glory to our Heroes!

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Captured very rare russian Namotka-KS radio of the Russian SOF.

At the end password for the radio is 1111, someone very intelligent must have created it.

Graham Linehan's gig is at a secret venue, with ticket holders being notified of the location ahead of the show.

That's literally how neo-nazi bands organise shows.

Don't Do As Russia Does.

A Russian military training location was a TAD too close to the Ukrainian front lines!

Pink News: Met Police accused of failing third queer man attacked outside Two Brewers

Saudi Arabia is pressing the U.K., Japan and Italy to be allowed to join a project for constructing a new, advanced fighter jet, the Financial Times reported.

Interesting that you said that, because my mum said the same thing.

And my husband and I have considered it.

Italy is out of the question (fascism, including a hatred for LGBTQ :newpride: :anqueerflag: people). France (my family's country) has its problems.

I don't think there's a place to go.

All the countries are fucked up now. Either turning far right, having economic problems and more than likely, both.

There's no safe home.

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