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After Republicans block all US aid to Ukraine.....

Fears grow that Ukraine could run out of US-supplied Patriot missiles

- Evolution of production by source for 2000-2022 (% of Total)

The country without a Navy is punishing one of the largest.

Ukraine racks up wins against Russia in the Black Sea

A Janjaweed Militia propagandist in confesses that the militia took money from ppl homes!
He described,The people of Khartoum are not men. They fled and left treasures and money in their buildings, and the Rapid Support militia stormed the homes and looted this money, and they will live on it for the next 20 years.

The humiliation of the tongue of Al-Rabi Abdel Moneim admits that the Janjaweed entered the homes of citizens and looted their money!

A woman was deported from the after returning from a holiday in , despite presenting the necessary paperwork that showed her right to live and work in the country.

officers reportedly told her she was wasting her time if she thought the documentation she had showing her right to be in the UK would allow her into the country. She was flown back to on Boxing Day

accused of in not backing claim of in before

Experts say submission to international court of justice on six weeks ago makes stance wholly disingenuous

Warmer winters and more flooding will be the norm in the UK, scientists warn

This is grenade launcher Oleksandr. He is just 21. Oleksandr shares about the war and how hard it is to lose friends.

"Angry enough to spit"

Putin met with the families of those killed in the "special military operation" on Christmas Eve.

He cynically congratulated them on their "family holiday".

Look at his smirking face.
He sent their fathers and husbands to their deaths, looks them in the face and smiles. Do these families realize the real killer in front of them

choose s partner as candidate to replace him The Guardian

So, no there then. Sarc.

What is the IT scandal all about

All you need to know about one of the most widespread miscarriages of justice in history

UK Govt. Reviews Compensation Process in Post Office Scandal

Avg Estonian electricity price drops to 101/MWh (10.1 cents/KWh)

UK priced in KWh: UK is 27.5p/KWh Estonia avg 10.1 cents/KWh.

The average price of electricity in the region of the Nord Pool exchange will drop to 101.72 per megawatt-hour on Sunday.

The price is lowest at 0.085 from 0.007 to 0800

Most expensive 0100 to 0200 at 0.17/KWh

UK accused of hypocrisy in not backing claim of genocide in Gaza before ICJ International court of justice The Guardian

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Good evening. It's 6PM, Sunday, 7th January. The headlines: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak upholds the Rwanda asylum plan despite criticism. The review of Post Office convictions is underway. More than 170 planes are grounded. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken highlights obstacles to aid in . As Bangladesh anticipates election outcomes, the primary opposition abstains. Flood alerts are issued across and Wales.

Zack spread a rumor on that Diane is Pauls mom. Its ridiculous, as she told us! She cant be his mom because Then she blindsided the other person involved by bringing it up in front of them! Todays TikTok:

You can also see my compilation of Diane story scenes as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

() director on Met Police into alleged

"Tufton Street: Shine a light on dark money in politics" = this is one of the most important CrowdJustice actions in politics FWIW I've pledged some dosh, and urge you to do the same if you are in a position to do so

A lot of UK corporate travel booking services send out tickets as PDFs on emails with no way of adding them to Apple Wallet, which is super annoying when getting to a National Rail gateline with patchy internet access and having to navigate your email.

Im building a little service to solve this problem. Right now its just an email address that you forward the PDFs to and it replies with the tickets as a Apple Wallet passes

: Weir Bridge
: track bridge

UK invests 300 million pounds in nuclear fuel, eroding Russia's dominance of sector (more)

The 10 Best Countries in the World, According to U.S. News & World Report:

1 Switzerland
2 Canada
3 Sweden
4 Australia
5 United States
6 Japan
7 Germany
8 New Zealand
9 United Kingdom
10 Netherlands

The world knows now and the world knew then but turns a blind eye once again.

Some still deny the holocaust and some still deny Genocide in Palestine .as a means to deny another holocaust to deny

is less a slow-clap moment, and more just the Clap.

" woman removed from after returning from Christmas holiday

"Woman was detained overnight and removed despite presenting documents showing her right to work and live in UK..."

Japans top diplomat on presser in shelter: Now I feel seriousness of Ukraines situation

Ukraine Releases Pictures of Possible North Korean Missile that Hit Kharkiv

I'm looking for anyone from or who knows someone who has done related or other post grad study in - or jointly between home and uni. Or just with some knowledge about this. I know post-grad in Japan is relatively common, but not sure about music... If you have any possible connections - your own, friends, family, colleagues with any knowledge or experience of music post grad study in Japan for UK/European graduates can you please help connect me

Weather at 3pm on Sun 7 Jan is indeterminate, 3C (feels 1), pressure steady and 0.2mm rain so far today. Humidity is 94%.

In the civil servants cannot refuse to authorise expenditure simply because it does not represent value for money to the taxpayer. However they are allowed to ask for the responsibility for that particular decision to be taken by a . Such a request will ring alarm bells - as it did in the case of !

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, or Pigeon Pose, is deeply rooted in yogic philosophy, telling the principle of surrender and openness.

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Sunday, 7th January. The headlines: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak upholds the Rwanda policy despite criticism. Jordan underscores the grave risks of escalating Israel-Gaza tensions. More than 170 planes are grounded. A journalist from Al Jazeera mourns a son lost to an airstrike in . The 's leader examines post office legal cases, while flood warnings are issued across and Wales.


'The most dramatic photographs from the last two days, when almost every river in England reached an exceptionally high level and some reached record levels. The Environment Agency still has 244 flood warnings in place where flooding is expected.'

why is the not covering this I guess it would upset their Tory masters. The decline in independent journalism at the BBC is as bad as the decline of the after Tory mismanagement

If Israel paraded one woman, one child and one man each day, and shot them, the world would be outraged! So why is it okay for them to murder dozens every day Does using a missile or tank, to pretend it is war, make it acceptable Come on people, this is genocide, war crimes, supported by the and by the and all other nations standing by and watching while doing nothing.

"The Royal Mints net-zero target validated by the Science Based Targets initiative"

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