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Adding new station for Ukrzaliznytsia with Stephen Fry (VIDEO)

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New research has revealed the scale of abuse women and girls in the UK face online, with LGBTQ+ women, and those aged 16 to 24 experiencing the highest rates of abuse.

Pulls Back From Clash With Big Tech Over Private Messaging -Slashdot

The UK government will concede it will not use controversial powers in the to scan messaging apps for harmful content until it is "technically feasible" to do so, postponing measures that critics say threaten users' . Financial Times

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The Woman Behind European Leadership: Ursula von der Leyen's Remarkable story The Gaze (UATV News VIDEO)

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Wow! is going all out in its celebration of brilliant Welsh singer Shirley . Known for her movie themes (and for the dance hit Repeating), the 86-year-old Bassey has had albums hit UK Top-40 charts in seven consecutive decades. Stamps available on Sept. 21.

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Hillingdon MPs Vote Against Child Safety

Yesterday saw an opportunity for MPs to do the right thing.  Somewhat predictably, both of our Conservative MPs, David Simmonds and Steve Tuckwell, voted against the opposition day "Safety of School Buildings" bill, along with most of the rest of the Conservative MPs in Parliament. This was a sad day for Hillingdon, with both o

Harry, making his first appearance in the UK since June, cut a relaxed figure as he sat with seriously ill children and their families during a pre-ceremony reception at The Hurlingham Club in south-west London on Thursday.

He spoke with them about their interests and hobbies and had several interactions with their accompanying balloons, which were shaped as different animals.

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Tonight's shot of is the other sculpture - the horse that is rearing its head.

This one is the more difficult of the two to shoot on its own. Especially if - like me - you arrive as the light is fading, and can't wander around that side of the park in the dark to safely find a flattering angle!

You can find the previous photo in this series here:

U.S., U.K. Call For Kremlin Critic's Release As He Spends Second Birthday Behind Bars (more)

RT from Navy Recognition (NavyRecognition)

Two 's conduct training with

Original tweet :

U.S., U.K. Impose New Sanctions Against Russian Hacking Group (more)

8pm... time to dance!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

ICYMI: Network Rail completes second phase of multi-million-pound resilience scheme

Overcrowded, cramped and insecure: state of s made conditions ripe for s escape

Crumbling buildings, a lack of space inside them and the high turnover of staff paint a picture of the parlous state of the service

President Zelensky thanks PM Sunak for military support from Britain (more)

President Zelensky: A conversation with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak. Situation on the battlefield, defense cooperation, our agreements,
the Black Sea and Ukraine's contribution to the protection of freedom of navigation and food security. A lot has been done. But with the strengthening of air defense in (more)

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British American Tobacco sells businesses in Russia, Belarus (more)

Ben Jennings on the s crumbling political landscape cartoon -


A massive fireball erupted near Vladimir Putin's war command headquarters in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, after a series of kamikaze drone attacks swooped on the city.

Tomorrow, Sept. 8,
it will be EIGHT YEARS that I have been fighting with in the ,,, to unearth the truth about the persecution of Julian and the journalists.
More soon

Three Bayraktar TB2 drones were spotted at a Wagner base in Mali, Africa, The Insider reports. Former Wagner mercenaries claim that the base is now controlled by Russian Defence Ministry officials. How did Wagner get Turkish drones (PHOTO)

"Report: UKs net-zero transition could bring 240bn economic boost"

Amnesty International Votes Down Ukrainian Resolution, Community Leaders Outraged (more)

7pm is Hip-hop time!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

That would make it the fifth day in a row with somewhere above 30C, which is unheard of in September.

ICYMI: In The News 23rd August 2023 Latest Rail News

Britain has no plans to change its approach to reducing net migration in order to help secure a free trade deal with India, the spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Thursday.

A trip down memory lane - An unsuspected find at a beautiful place The Durness Riots, Ceannabeinne, Caithness, Scotland ,

British Prime Minister Sunak will discuss ways to bypass the Russian blockade of Ukraine in the Black Sea at the G20 summit, Reuters with reference to a government official. Today, PM Sunak spoke by phone with President Zelensky. One of the topics was a new Black Sea Grain Initiative.

During World War II, the Nazis bombed London for 57 nights non-stop. During the blitz Germany dropped thousands of tons of bombs on British cities. Britain (that is now actively helping Ukraine fight against the Russian invasion) knows very well how an enemy can terrorize civilians, and whats it like to not give up. (VIDEO)

Blow to Rishi Sunak as offshore wind auction attracts zero bidders The omnishambles continues. The Tories making life shit now and ensuring it remains shit in the future

British American Tobacco to end sales in Russia within a month

London-based company says it has agreed to sell Russian and Belarusian businesses, 18 months after initial decision to withdraw

This is a debacle on so so many levels. .

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Blow to Rishi Sunak as offshore wind auction attracts zero bidders

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