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'According to the report, there is a 16.9 billion deficit between the MODs budget and the required funding for desired military capabilities, despite a 46.3 billion increase in the Equipment Plan budget.'

'the MoD is becoming increasingly reliant on the UKs allies to protect the UKs national interests, which carries the risk that such support might not always be available.'

So let me get this right: He is essentially suggesting to ban himself, then

"The communities secretary wants ... to pilot a scheme to ban individuals and groups deemed extremist from public life"

"The proposed new definition of extremism ... include attempts to overturn, exploit or undermine the UKs system of liberal democracy to confer advantages or disadvantages on specific groups or threatening
individual rights or enabling the spread of extremism."

Brit sniper Challenger 2 tank blasts Russian invaders from 3 miles away on Ukraine frontlines (The Sun VIDEO)

"Green hydrogen innovation competition opens with 500,000 funding pot"

Cool overview of and showing would have been better of in the

clearly lied. was tended to be right though a tad too pessimistic.

Sweden now joins Canada and says it will resume funding the UN agency for Palestinians as the US Israeli caused famine kills more children .


/ Spains prime minister says he will propose that parliament recognizes a Palestinian state

I will propose granting s recognition to the Palestinian state, I do this out of moral conviction, for a just cause and because it is the only way that the two states, Israel and , can live together in peace.

Spain demanded respect for international law from Russia, and from Israel, for the violence to end, the recognition of two states, and for humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.

Pedro Snchez follows s Macron and s Cameron, who signaled their countrys interest in promoting a similar initiative.

Just spent a lovely week sight-seeing in a completely new part of the UK.

Cameron against French Coalition of Nations not opposed to deploying Western troops in Ukraine for training (more)

Ukraine has become a member of the IAEA Board of Governors after a 13-year break. The Ukrainian Minister of Energy, Herman Halushchenko, emphasized the importance of Ukraine's direct representation in the Board, especially in the context of Russia's actions in the country's nuclear sector. The adoption of the resolution proposed by the Ukrainian delegation regarding the urgent return of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant under full Ukrainian control is considered a significant achievement.

Arthur's Return - Glastonbury Tor on a magical moonlit night.

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Israel is a country
not a religion,

not a synagogue,

not a sacred cow.

Jews do not have to be on the side

of apartheid ,



war crimes .

Some are not

Meta is hiring a Data Scientist, Product Analytics
Location: London, United Kingdom

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Does Scholz trust England with Taurus after calling Ukraine is untrustworthy UK suggests donating more Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine in exchange for German Taurus (more)

Unexploded bombs: a call for action after 11 deaths in due to fires

Britain starts helping Putin with red lines across their Union Jack! UK foreign secretary opposes sending troops to Ukraine, even for exercises (more)

Weather at 6pm on Sat 9 Mar is fine, possibly showers, 5C (feels 2), pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 90%.


s scientist to correct two papers because of statistical data inconsistencies in use of p-value significance

is good for receipts - and five other things we learned from the

Just one of the messages that may surprise fans of s chancellor

Germanys reputation for decisive leadership is in tatters when Europe needs it most

Mothers gather in city centre to protest climate inaction

Mothers have gathered in the centre of Bristol to highlight climate inaction

Sandwiched between International Womens Day and Mothers Day, demonstrators hope to raise awareness about the disproportionate impact of climate change on women and children


: Bridge 209, Dock Swing Bridge
: road bridge
: Photo by sgwarnog2010 on Flickr

Meghan Markle triggers new controversy about Kate Middleton with her latest action.

'Everyone saw it' - Czech media agrees on Liverpool 'lesson' after Sparta Prague thrashing -

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Prince Harry follows in King Charles's footsteps as bombshell memoir nominated - GB News

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Maritime corridor to Gaza to begin at weekend - Von der Leyen - BBC

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Open letter to Sunak condemns crackdown on right to protest - The Guardian

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It's not what Biden said at the State of the Union that matters. It's how he said it - The Independent

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Descendants of King William II's killer want to donate triptych depicting death to UK museum - The Guardian

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Britain's seaside towns 'full of prospective immigrants' and it's created 'animosity and division,' says Johnny Rotten - LBC

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Prince Harry follows in King Charles's footsteps as bombshell memoir nominated - GB News

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What can we learn from 2024s brutally honest Oscar ballots - The Guardian

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'Chopping off body parts doesn't make you a biological woman!' Oli London says people like India Willoughby are 'causing harm' - GB News

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is a charitable organization that focuses on training in first aid to enhance their confidence and skills in dealing with street violence. They work with volunteers to empower young individuals to become lifesavers in their communities. The organization's mission is to enable young people affected by violence to protect themselves and others effectively.

A Black-tailed Godwit seeking out its lunch in the sands at Fremington Quay, UK

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