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A Moorhen swimming slowly in the last of the afternoons sun.

I think we would like one of these in too.

'Danger to life' flooding hits South West as more torrential rain forecast ITV News

The Great White Egret (or as I call it, the Giraffe bird).

coherent the like of which we never hear reported in

Top tier Bluetit.

A little bluetit perched on the higher of 3 branches

channel 4 (UK) just released a documentary about comedian/youtube-conspiracy-peddler russell brand's history of sexual violence.

i'm watching it now and it's a "jimmy savile situation" all over again. they even have a clip of him talking to jimmy saville about sending over naked women.

something i always forget about this kind of long-running exploitation is just how many people it takes to facilitate 1 man's violence against countless people. sadly, this show is reminding me. and of course, a lot of those facilitators were women who were working in tv production & didn't want to lose their jobs. i doubt they were "bad people", but the entire machinery of capitalist patriarchy put people into these roles where they're facilitating injustices that they would never want to do themselves. it makes everyone a perpetrator.

anyway, if you're outside the UK, you can watch it here:

There seems to be a queue for the coconut feeder. Great tit followed by Long-tailed tit followed by Blue-tit

A little fluffball lighting up the cloudy gloom in the woods

Long-tailed tit

: A team of archaeologists from the country, & has discovered burial rooms, tombs, mosaics & pottery in Christian church dating from 5th, 6th & 7th centuries AD at the archaeological site in , , said a local heritage official.

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:catjam: :pensivepartyblob: from : Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet The Fascinating Answer!:perfect: :polarbear:


United Kingdom has announced an increase in visa fees, which will affect travelers from around the world.

United Kingdom has announced an increase in visa fees, which will affect travelers from around the world.

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Petition: Urge the United Kingdom to Ban Animal Snares

Petition: Urge the United Kingdom to Ban Animal Snares

Toxic chemicals banned by EU since Brexit still in use in UK

I bought a paper copy of The Observer. Im going to see if I can reserve paper copies of The FT Weekend edition on a Saturday and The Observer on a Sunday. Newsagents arent really a thing anymore.

A quick search later

Looks like you can subscribe to The FT Weekend Print edition on its own for 45 a quarter with home delivery. I wonder if you can do similar for The Observer.

Tory plans to rip up river pollution rules in tatters after two defeats in Lords

Staffordshire county council finds ingenious way to re-purpose traffic cones

Good evening. It's 6PM, Sunday, 17th September. The headlines: Russell Brand denies sexual assault allegations, with his production company investigating the claims. The is tackling Italy's migrant crisis, with its chief visiting where 8,000 migrants have arrived in three days. Antarctic winter sea-ice has hit record lows. In , the family of a student killed while fighting speaks out. Over 11,300 people have been killed in Libya's city of Derna.

Pink News: BBC defends playing queer punk song with kick TERFs lyrics

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That Dispatches doc was really disturbing, it's been years since I've seen footage from his stand ups, also the one where he compares himself to "Che" Guevara and Jesus what a narcissist. The Andrew Sachs thing too, the footage of him when he's interviewing Caprice and that radio call with Jimmy Saville, it's all cringe.

Fair play to those who came forward for the documentary.

Our childrens future all childrens future is at stake, which is why were uniting as mothers and allies to take a stand, raise awareness, and push politicians to take meaningful, urgent action starting with phasing out fossil fuels, fast.

UK fails to ban 36 harmful pesticides outlawed for use in EU

: Bridge 55, Clegg Hall Bridge
: track bridge
: Photo by Carneddau on Flickr

"Great British Insulation Scheme: Government earmarks 1bn to improve home energy efficiency"

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex awarded Ukrainian volunteer and paramedic Yulia 'Taira' Paevska a silver medal for her second-place finish in the 50-meter freestyle swim among women in the ISD category at the Invictus Games (PHOTOS)

"After a 100-year absence, ruthless carnivores are flourishing again on a peat bog near Garstang in Lancashire."

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BANS American After Man Dies

existed in a far left bubble. He egged the far left on, & they egged him on.

Yes had the largest party membership in history. Yes there was a big swing to Labour against a deeply unpopular & uninspiring party in 2017, under May who'd brought the nothing but austerity & turmoil.

But ultimately he was a loser. He won NOTHING as Labour leader, but yet it's everyone else's fault, NOT Jezza's!

Tick tock, drip drop... At 14:00 hrs on Sun 17 Sep 2023 the Malmanac weathervane reports 16.9C, 85% relative humidity, pressure falling slowly 1014mb. 0.2mm rainfall so far today. Wind is blowing 2.5mph from E, gusting to 7.4mph.

A trip down memory lane - UK Falstone and Donkleywood, Northumberland National Park, Northumberland

Most in don't care or want the left anywhere near. Why can't you all join the , coalesce under as Leader, have McDonnell & Abbott as part of your executive with Union support, & make your political case to the electorate

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