Make your UK Will online for Free. Tower Bridge, commonly mistaken as London Bridge.

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"Don't you know who I am"
"Yes...sadly, but rules are rules...."

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I wonder about the moral compass of a billionaire and his equally rich chums whose wealth would remain staggeringly beyond most peoples wildest dreams should they lose a preferential tax break. I am moving that is it: tycoon speaks out about the end of non-dom tax status

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Sunak to allow oil and gas exploration at sites intended for offshore wind

Exclusive: decision to grant licences condemned by critics as a stunt that shows Tories are playing politics with climate

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"Mind Games" is a song written and performed by , released as a single in 1973 on . It was the for the album of the same name. The US single and album were released simultaneously on 29 October 1973. The single and album were issued simultaneously on 16 November 1973. In the US it peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 10 on the Top 100. In the UK it peaked at No. 26.

Maths degrees are becoming less accessible and this is a problem for business, government and innovation

"Research carried out in 2019 by Kings College London and Ipsos found that half of the working age population had the numeracy skills expected of a child at primary school. Just as worrying was that despite this, 43% of those polled said they would not like to improve their numeracy skills."

Dezeen : Dezeen Agenda features Foster + Partners' plans for "London's lowest whole-life carbon high-rise" -risebuildings +Partners

"Ladies, know your limits" said the Paternalistic BBC

, ministro degli Esteri : "L' ha il diritto di colpire obiettivi all'interno della con armi britanniche".

Polls open in England for key local elections with Conservatives facing heavy losses FRANCE 24

"British police officer warned he may face prison for pro-Hamas posts after Oct. 7"

"Mohammed Adil posted photo on WhatsApp showing terrorist wearing Hamas headband, captioned with quote from terror groups military chief"

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Watch lightning storm over Worthing

If you're a parent or guardian to a trans kid in the UK, or a trans kid yourself, receiving gender affirming care in the UK by any means outside the NHS care pathway, please please read the linked post and let others know ASAP :PleadingFaceWithRedHearts: :TransHeart:

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US campus protests: People are trespassing

A kamikaze drone from the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade, "Magura" struck a Russian soldier who was pretending to be dead.

"English oaks can withstand warming but other trees will struggle"


"Sight for Sore Eyes"

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Just hours left to vote in . 11 London-wide seats on for grabs. was a crime and we should not "move on". needs to & we need people in place prepared to make the case. Vote The Rejoin Party onto the London Assembly.

: Bridge 35, Hungerford Bridge
: track bridge
: Photo by Andrew Batram on Flickr

Make your UK Will online for Free.

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The FTSE is at (or around) an all-time high. What does this mean for investors or those thinking about investing into the stock market

Woman plants thousands of trees after buying Lake District fell

David Blunkett says devising 99-year prison sentences is his biggest regret

According to the British Ministry of Defence, Russia continues to advertise to recruit foreign nationals into the Russian armed forces fighting in Ukraine, in order to avoid widespread mobilization.

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Hover fly on Green Alkanet (Pentaglottis sempervirens).

Ladybird on Hemlock

Id like to see him try. Retiring at 75!!Thered be riots and people would be protesting on the streets. Id be one of them!

Ridiculous: Rishi Sunak is refusing to rule out raising the retirement age to pay for his NI cut. Sign the petition and tell him not to make us work longer to pay for his plan:

Professor Sir John Curtice argued that Mr Sunaks 'political career is over' if the Tories lose and he might as well go back and make some more money in California or enjoy his swimming pool'

Any Removal Vans spotted in Downing Street yet

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