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7pm is Hip-hop time! And Halloween means it's time for Vincent's rap!

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Do you want the to give data to No

Then consider signing this petition from Foxglove, who are fighting the government's efforts to share data with firm working with US intelligence agencies

King Charles expresses "deepest regret" for Kenya colonial wrongdoings Reuters

Natures way of dealing with old people: the damning messages revealed to Covid inquiry


Soon in a bookstore near you: Boris Johnson's "The Art of Governance"

Details announced of American XL bully dog ban in England and Wales.
American XL bully dogs will be added to the list of banned breeds from 31 December, the government has confirmed, as it released further details of how the ban will be implemented.

Rules coming into force at the end of year will make it illegal to breed, sell, advertise, exchange, gift, rehome, abandon or allow to stray XL bully dogs in England and Wales.

Starmer's Authority Under Threat Over Gaza Ceasefire

It's pathetic how these leaders' moral compass shifts according to what side they're backing. Not that long ago they were up in arms about bombing . Now, they're supporting a government that is bombing

Russia's "reason" for invading Ukraine was that Ukraine was harbouring terrorists ("nazis"). , same excuse, a different government, same outcome.


'I was radicalised from the age of 6 onwards... I believed was the enemy and non- are in a perpetual war against Muslims.'

Former supporter, Sohail Ahmed, explains how he was radicalised but now condemns the organisation.

Jaws mode w*nk is going on my list of potential band names right away.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds - assuming that on All Hallows Eve, you still have one...

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Today : 2023-10-31 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

Russian authorities have made it difficult for Western companies to exit the aggressor state by prohibiting the withdrawal of assets in dollars and euros. In practice, Russia has imposed control over the movement of capital without officially announcing it, as reported by the Financial Times.

Schools wishing to use PDNS cannot take any action until full rollout of the service is expected in the first half of 2024.

Its 10 degree C outside and 15 inside. is it damp or just really cold: furniture edition and do I need the loo or am I just cold: working from home edition. I HATE the cold and I hate / :ablobcatcoffee:

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Cant help but pass this one on.. Petition

Remove Suella Braverman from Cabinet

To be honest, I think theyre being too kind, remove braverman from public office would be correct.

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sparked serious controversy with remarks he made during a five-minute-long at a of on Wednesday (26 October).

The the makes in its report against the word queer

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These are the kind of people you invite into your country when youre sellout King Charles arrives in Kenya as British soldiers face abuse allegations.

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Among those campaigning for the ban is 76-year-old , who is a of . Some would call it .


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"GB News Owners Hedge Fund Has $2.2 Billion Fossil Fuel Investments"

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Why is in What trail of death is he bent on leaving in the & Europe

UK policing minister urges doubling down on face-scanning tech

English government is determined to push with face scanning/recognition technology. The DVLA and Passport Office images will probably become part of the data set, learning from China. The Met have already been accused of using face recognition technology unlawfully, but not prosecuted.

Dont expect Labour to do anything different. See Blunkett and Straw.

"This low pressure system could indeed be one of the deepest areas of low pressure recorded in November in the UK, close to the current record of 948.4hPa in 1954"

I'd love to know how all the senior Brits who voted for Boris Johnson feel about this...

"...Johnson appeared obsessed with older people accepting their fate and letting younger people get on with their lives during the pandemic."

Ukraine urges EU to cancel European film festival in Russia

"The Great Amazon Heist" is a Channel 4 special where host explores Amazon's operations.

He works at an fulfillment center, exposes poor working conditions, and stages various schemes to highlight Amazon's issues, such as selling a drink made from Amazon drivers' urine on the platform.

The special uncovers new information and combines serious with to shed light on Amazon's problems.

Boris Johnson is just one example of why Canadians should be eternally grateful to Justin Trudeau.

grill squareheaed over his stance on Israel

May 2023 Christoph Koester

"Cabinet Ministers Set to Speak at GB News Linked Conference Alongside Climate Science Deniers"

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France, Britain and the Netherlands draw up plans to send aid to Gaza by ship to ease the plight of Palestinian civilians and alleviate pressure on the border crossing with Egypt, which has become a chokepoint for convoys.

Only 131 lorries carrying water, food and medicine have been allowed into Gaza since Israel closed border points and restricted power and water supplies following Hamass deadly assault.

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