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39 years after its release, s becomes s Christmas No. 1


Israel is the direct beneficiary of terrorist attacks against an indigenous population

Hollywood Celebrities Now Support Palestine in Record Numbers

I really dont get this! A country crying out for something better, different and transformative, yet the Labour Party seems to be looking for reasons for us to think Why bother Manage expectations, yes, but please dont kill hope.
Keir Starmer considers scaling back Labours 28bn green plans

Irish "Comedian" Releases Skit Suggesting Jewish Obsession With Holocaust

Muslims believe that was one of the many prophets sent by God to guide humanity. They consider him to be a righteous and pious servant of God.

Crucifixion and Resurrection: Muslims believe that was not crucified or killed on the cross. Instead, they believe that God saved Jesus and raised him to heaven. This belief is based on the Quranic verse that states Jesus was not crucified but was made to appear so.


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Muslims believe that performed various miracles with the permission of God. These miracles include healing the sick, curing lepers, and reviving the dead.

According to Islamic belief, was born to the Virgin Mary (Maryam in Arabic) through a miraculous birth. God commanded Jesus into existence by saying "Be," and he was.


These are the estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 22, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

New UK law: If we marry a foreign person we cannot live with them in the UK unless we earn 30,000.

This is awful.

Britain is becoming steadily fascist.

Gazan Attorney Who Has Lost 60 Relatives in Israeli Attacks Says U.S. Is "Complicit in Genocide"

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If Hamas are terrorists disqualified from the peace process what does that make Israel

Israeli apartheid propaganda is not selling to right mined individuals

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Christmas Canceled in Bethlehem as Churches Mourn 20,000+ Palestinians Killed in Gaza

Israel did this.

Nativity in Palestine .

No safe place for your head

Under the rubble lie the dead


World: Alex Batty, British boy missing for 6 years, reveals why he fled his mother -

Tory donor who funded Sunak private jet faces court battle

Akhil Tripathi, who donated 38,500 to fund the Prime Minister's private jet travel in April, denies all the allegations

Entrepreneur Akhil Tripathi, who has made millions by inventing an anti-snoring device, has donated more than 150,000 to the Conservative party since 2021.

Common Darter dragonfly

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Palestine has had 7 9/11s due to israeli actions, planes , since October 2023

In the US cannabis is legal.
In the UK they never give up the chance to bully and jail people, so that's never happening.

The last drugs minister makes a fortune from her massive cannabis farm while she jailed us for cannabis use.

Tory bastards.

Tory donor who funded Sunak private jet faces court battle - inews

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' given warning about infection control as cases rise

Exclusive: asks why guidance on masks and respirators has not been introduced across '

In the UK a very real fascism is rising.
Today, a new law... the government will now refuse to allow me to live here with a wife I met in Europe or anywhere unless I earn 30,000 every year.

She will be deported.

The poors must be punished.

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NHS given warning about infection control as Covid cases rise Why no infection control advice to mask in the Good question.

Ambassador Bodnar: Ukraine, together with brave partners, continues Grain from Ukraine (more)

Israel wages war on Canadian sovereignty.

Israeli Apartheid agents attack Canadian citizens on Canadian soil

'Chilling effect': People expressing pro-Palestinian views censured, suspended from work and school

UK petition to ban private jets:

Signatures tracked on a graph:

You can sign if you're:
- a UK citizen living anywhere, or
- living in the UK (regardless of citizenship)

Sainsbury's is hiring a Data Science Manager
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Police to be able to run face recognition searches on 50m driving licence holders The Guardian

campaigners say clause in new criminal justice bill will put all drivers on permanent lineup

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