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It was a cloudy day, but that little black fly there was sunbathing.

Basking in the glow of these sunny orange-spotted radiant yellow blooms of the cowslip.

A native wildflower, encouraged in the diverse floral landscape of my backyard.

Crooked House owners propose rebuilding pub in different place

A cultivated purple flowered form of comfrey, growing alongside and flourishing with its wild siblings.

Good evening. It's 8PM, Sunday, 14th April. The headlines: initiated a drone and missile assault on , firing over 300 projectiles. fighter jets intercepted several Iranian . Tehran summoned envoys from the UK, , and , threatening more severe reprisals if attacked again. The US reiterated its steadfast backing for , while France, the UK, the US, and Jordan aided in responding to the aggression. A knife attack in Sydney resulted in six fatalities.

Crab apple blossom, in various stages of unfurling. Unusually, the pink and white of the blooms combined with the green leaves seem to work well against a green background of a similar hue.

I like this time of year when all the insects start emerging, pretty to look at and valued members of the food chain for other species.

This insect is a Peacock Butterfly



Another very accessible video.
This time on the specifics of farms in the UK seas.
I wonder why still wants to drill for dino's. Could it be that ..
But the UK has come a good way in windfarming, and learning along the way.
Other countries US also have good options.

"Ocean Electricity Grid. How do they do that" 13:05 min
by Just Have a Think as usual there are links for further study

Quote by JHaT:
" 14 apr 2024
Pylons are ugly and nobody likes them! Filling up our countryside with thousands more of them to facilitate a massive electricity grid expansion is proving to be a very tricky challenge with lots of local opposition. But what if you could build your electricity grid out at sea and just bring cables to shore where theyre needed"

More photos of the always beautiful borb that is the Long-tailed tit

A vortex of Mallard ducks above the lake today

Southwards, they dont know whether to connect on to Sheriffhall P&R or to Queen Margaret Uni.

This entire plan could be utilised I would argue, Instead it looks like theyll still settle for a tram network which pales in comparison to what the city seen 70 years or so ago & then will complain that the funding isnt justified or the ridership is poor - on a lighter note, the city bought too many trams so thats an avoided cost for a bit!

A Long-tailed tit in one of the trees that lined one side of the lake I walked this afternoon

A Comma butterfly sunning itself in the barmy 15C temps of this afternoon.

UK Metropolitan Police arrests two ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis for inciting anti-Semitism after burning the Israeli flag


If you emigrate from to e.g. the , you gain two lives.

If you're a , that is.

Punk Girls Die weibliche Geschichte des britischen Punk:

Als Musikerinnen wie Poly Styrene mit X-Ray Spex, Viv Albertine mit The Slits und Gina Birch mit The Raincoats Mitte der 1970-er Jahre Punk-Bands grndeten, gab es kaum weibliche Vorbilder. So wurden sie selbst welche. Eine mitreissende Frauengeschichte des Punk.

Here is a couple of photos of a very distant Kestrel that was in a field close to the Fen I was walking today

The faces a choice between using to plan and deepen its international alliances or simply managing relations with its rivals and risk sliding into war, s foreign policy adviser has said

In a sweeping lecture on s grand strategic moment, drew on how the national character had been shaped by , claiming the fundamental assumptions about how


Not the most inspiring shot. (I must stop using wide area autofocus for this kind of shot (at least until I pick up a Z9 or Z8)).

Anyway, here are a couple of swans and nearly 2 dozen Black-tailed Godwits

ISP BT and EE Introduce New UK Pricing Policy for Customers

Here's a family photo of Egyptian Geese on the Fens this afternoon.

overtakes West Midlands in cases as fears of an outbreak grow

"The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has warned that England is seeing the highest number of infections in a decade, with vaccination rates among children consistently falling."

Weather at 6pm on Sun 14 Apr is showery, becoming more unsettled, 9C (feels 7), pressure falling fast and no rain today. Humidity is 75%.

Thinking about moving to a different server in the , maybe something or tech oriented

Octopus Energy is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: Manchester, , United Kingdom

Sadiq Khan pledges to eliminate rough sleeping in London once and for all Homelessness

Coombe Wood Gardens

My photo of the day. The iPhone image detection and ID algorithm tells me that they're cowslips, a member of the Primula family.

As well as the , & systemthe code is the measure of a society. For example, countries controlled by despots use the police to lock up political dissenters. Plutocracies aim to use the police to suppress protests against the corporate establishments.

For example, the "police bill" gives the police the authority to do a "non suspicious" stop & search on people at demonstrations

The electorate did not vote for that power 'creep'

Mum and Egyptian Goslings at Fen Drayton this afternoon.


We should there form a portion of a rampart of Europe against Asia, an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism. We should as a neutral State remain in contact with all Europe, which would have to guarantee our existence.
-- Theodor Herzl

What we had last night was a load of men waving their dicks around in the air over the Middle East, and not in a sexy way either.

Tick tock, drip drop... Weathervane highs/lows so far (17:00) Sun 14 Apr 2024:

High temperature 13.2C at 14:21 hrs
low 7.4C at 07:21 hrs

High humidity 81%RH at 08:01 hrs
low 51%RH at 13:01 hrs

Max wind gust 15.9mph at 15:26 hrs

Daily rainfall 0.0mm

From Save the Children , a clear message projected onto the London Bridge, to stop arming Israel:

Countries that lost citizens in aid convoy attack reject Defense Forces report

, , the and U.S. all indicate they aren't satisfied while remains mute

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