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More than 500,000 anti-tank mines were installed on the northern border of Ukraine, Commander of the Joint Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Naiev

According to him, the density of minefields in the Northern operational zone has been increased 16 times.

2024 is already humbling me BBC

Israel says war in Gaza expected to continue throughout 2024 BBC News

The entire UK establishment and mainstream media are and always have been corrupt and in each others pockets. and none of them have ever seen you or me as worthy of any consideration whatsoever beyond that which procures them our vote.


En 2023, 29 437 migrants sont arrivs en Grande-Bretagne, contre 45 774 en 2022, selon les chiffres du ministre de lIntrieur britannique. Ce nombre de 2023 reste cependant le deuxime plus lev jamais enregistr, suprieur celui de 2021 (28 526).

Jan 4 is the day we would celebrate winning his case to not be to the to face a at best or a cruel and barbaric end at worst, but the judge (who has ties through her husband to military) decided to keep Assange locked up.

Jan 6, 2024 marks three years since the allegedly corrupt judge ruled to keep Julian Assange in prison without charge.

He is still imprisoned to this day for publishing , lies and of govts

Time for the New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show
(repeat from Saturday 30th December 2023)

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Cerne Abbas giant turf carving is Hercules and was an army meeting point, say historians

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That wee English fellow playing darts and impressing everyone is never 16, he looks at least a decade older than that.

Is it possible that they're just not that good with numbers in Runcorn

"Jewel of Britains nature crown: Plan to restore rainforest welcomed by campaigners"

Finnish PM vows to further support Ukraine and increase ammunition production

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Happy first day back at work for tomorrow, everyone! BBC

House shakes after powerful earthquake hits Japan

Teenager stabbed to death as revellers watch New Years Eve fireworks


"Space Cowboy"

Will the EU's latest sanctions actually hurt Russia (DW Business News VIDEO)

Weather at 6pm on Mon 1 Jan is unsettled, rain later, 2C, pressure falling fast and 0.4mm rain. Humidity is 94%.

Denmark's Queen announces surprise abdication (Reuters News VIDEO)

News at 6PM: Archbishop Welby calls for politeness in politics. The James Webb Space Telescope unveils images of the distant cosmos. 's operations could persist until 2024, amid high casualty figures. and engage in lethal skirmishes. Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is convicted in Bangladesh. suffers a major quake with deaths and destruction. troops ready for potential conflict with Houthi insurgents in the Red Sea.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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Japan issues tsunami warning after earthquakes (Sky News VIDEO)

Tsunami warning in Japan after strong earthquake (BBC News VIDEO)


Meanwhile, the and countries are preparing a plan to help if wins the presidential election.

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This is the kind of shareholder report I want to read!


Rob Brydons very different take on Hello by Lionel Richie The Graham Norton Show BBC

New Year celebrations as 2024 welcomed across the world. #2024

Hamas terrorist hid RPG anti-tank missile inside blanket

Moment strong earthquake hits Japan

Doctors report nightmare surge in across

Exclusive: Proliferation comes amid treatment shortage and poses major threat, say experts

: Bridge 39B, Worksop A57 Bypass
: road bridge
: Photo by diamond geezer on Flickr


Presidential New Years Eve Address of Hope, by President Volodymyr Zelensky at the end of 2023 / beginning of 2024 Dubbed into English (UATV News VIDEO)

I really hope we get a change of government this year, and Zero hours contracts are made illegal. There should be a social contract between employers and the work force, grounded in respect and a commitment to help people provide for basic needs. Current practices are light years from that and it's disgusting.

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