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Ukrainian defense minister meets with British ambassador (PHOTOS and more)

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8pm... time to dance!

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"Ukraines top negotiator confirms US-UK sabotaged peace deal with Russia
According to Davyd Arakhamia, Russia was prepared to end the war if we agreed to... neutrality, and committed that we would not join NATO. But the US and UK stood in the way."
And of course, it is the and who support the of

Rishi Sunak accused of hypocrisy after backing phase-out of fossil fuels at Cop28

UK prime minister attacked for inconsistency after allowing more gas and oil exploration in the North Sea


U.S., U.K. and Australia defense talks focus on advanced warfare technology (Kanal 13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

I had never heard of the Chagos Archipelago, the Chagossian people living on those islands, nor of the atrocities the did to those people.

I fully recommend this article for a brief and enlightening education on the topic:

There will be no peace - Russia maintains goal to fully occupy all of Ukraine General Staff report (more)

Very sad and disturbing that has chosen to continue its ongoing of in Gaza.

This is not a war, its a open market slaughterhouse. , , and the all have blood on their hands for supporting this .

is practicing through of civilians. I will not remain silent as this continues.

Also, is a just another biased, bought off media company just like all our other loving, govt friendly .

They are paid to deny exists in the same way they deny exists. Totally disgusting behaviour from a completely biased .

r/UnitedKingdom !

I just found out ( on twitter) that HMV Birmingham has a kpop shop

This is a long way from me

But my daughter in law's mother ( still not found the formal name for this connection) does live near Birmingham.

President Zelenskyy visited school in the Kharkiv subway, and we love children's emotions!

An entire generation has grown up that only remembers Vladimir Putin as the leader of Russia. In fact, his biography is much more diverse and full of events that he tries not to mention.

UK Biobank releases half a million whole-genome sequences for biomedical research
The release more than doubles the size of an earlier data set and will help reveal new links between DNA, health, and disease, geneticists say

Leilani has been one of the players who doesnt seem to understand that its a GAME! Three full weeks in and shes still complaining at about people lying to her after being nice. Its almost like theyre playing to win or something! 2nd TikTok today:

Also as a YouTube Short:

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Forty-five out of 46 Legia Warsaw fans are due before a special magistrates court, police say.

Weather at 6pm on Sat 2 Dec is indeterminate, 0C, pressure steady and 0.2mm rain. Humidity is 96%.

6pm Saturday: Time for the New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show

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To the staff at North Street in Bristol who seemed to be having a great joke at my expense I say fuck you Tesco, you bastards and your rude staff.

Byline Times

Ukrainian carriers, who have been living in trucks near the Polish border at the Korczowa checkpoint for two weeks, will not go on hunger strike for the time being. Several hours of negotiations with protesters with the participation of Ukrainian Consul Vasyl Jordan made it possible to partially increase the passage of trucks.

US, UK, EU pressures three countries over Russian oil sanctions Reuters (more)

"Forever chemical in English tap water samples carcinogenic, WHO rules"

Bark is hiring a Lead Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

has been right on the money for a long time.

Al Gore Suggests Government 'In The Pocket' of Industry HuffPost UK Politics

D'emble, les autorits face au ont dcid de sacrifier les vieux et de ne pas encombrer les services d'urgences avec les pensionnaires des , c'est ce que rvle les mails de Jenny Harries l'poque chef de l'agence de scurit sanitaire en

Ukraine's top prosecutor, UK ambassador discuss cooperation in international legal assistance (PHOTOS and more)

Putin's servicemen dashingly celebrated the first day of winter with such a "friendly hit-and-run". The armored vehicle with the occupants failed to cope with the control on the muddy road and flew into the car, which filmed the tragic moment on the DVR.

: Winding Hole Jockeys Bridge 55
: winding hole

Pink News: Victoria Derbyshire apologises to viewers after explicit Russia LGBTQ+ comment on live TV

Cody Dock Rolling Bridge: Whimsical approach to a drawbridge rolls 180 degrees to allow boats to pass underneath

Russian BASTARDS kill two Ukrainians who surrendered to them!


Visiting friends in the country of shitty showers.

Why the hell did Survivor UK production allow Lee to give a stupid speech from the Jury! That isnt allowed anywhere and I hope it was a one-time mistake they fix. But they still shouldnt have shown it! 1st TikTok today:

You can also see my anger at this terrible Survivor UK moment as a YouTube Short:

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"Forever chemicals found in drinking water sources across England"

Egencia is hiring a Senior Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

At 4-6pm on Radio Jammor each day is The Teatime Show, with music from 1990 onwards*

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Radio Jammor is on the air...
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on footways (pavements/sidewalks) is safer for than driving on those footways.
'CTC believes that it is better to improve road conditions for and offer training.'
: 'from 1998-2007, only 2% of the pedestrians injured or killed on the footway involved cycles, whereas 58% of the injuries - and 37 deaths - involved on the footway.'

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