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How is associated with war crimes in Ukraine

Cadbury parent company, Mondelez International, continues to do business in russia, running 3 factories and paying taxes to russias militarised budget.

Cadbury employees and management have the power to change this by urging Mondelez leadership to withdraw from russia!

As a consumer, the next time you shop, don't but Cadbury products. Show them that staying in russia will lose them business.

Stand with


Even the majourity of Americans disapprove of Israel's actions in Gaza .

By Israeli genocidal logic that means the majourity of Americans are now anti-Semitic.

Think about that .

Sky is hiring a Head of Data Science - Product and Operations
Location: London, United Kingdom

"A letter signed by more than 130 MPs and peers is calling on the UK government to ban arms sales to Israel.

The letter, coordinated by the Labour MP Zarah Sultana, says business as usual for UK arms exports to Israel would be totally unacceptable."

Hello folks!

We've got another fantastic line-up of talks for you in April, hosted by the Wattle team at HERE Bristol with refreshments provided for the evening for you to enjoy.

The talks for the evening will be
"DocTales: Collaborative documentation for Umbraco and Astro JS" by
"Block to Basics" by Callum Whyte

Hope to see you there!


Russian attack on Kharkiv residential area kills 1, injures at least 19, including children

"Political instability undermining sustainable business investments in UK, survey finds"

Good evening. It's 6PM, Wednesday, 27th March. The headlines: A ship's data recorder has been retrieved in . The UN alleges committed genocide, which Israel vehemently refutes. Public contentment with the NHS is at an all-time low, yet backing for its core values stays robust. travellers face challenges with passport regulations disallowing passports issued more than a decade ago.


, crede di salvare un cucciolo di riccio: dal veterinario scopre che un pon pon.

Nel una donna ha trovato soccorso quello che credeva essere un cucciolo di riccio ferito sul marciapiede e ha "passato una notte a prendersi cura di lui".
L'indomani, la donna si diretta nella clinica specializzata di , nel . Li la scoperta: non si trattava di un riccio, ma di un semplice pon pon.

s head of to step down

is second senior leader to depart following Guardian investigation into failings at site

Sample of taken at

Recognise these locations from The Gentlemen



has become

a comical accusation

': Comedian Bassem Youssef


Singapore busts Israeli propaganda, message to western and Arab world

's energy agency

Yesterday was my first trip on a fully electric bus. The other 4 trips on the day were normal diesel buses, and I let a few buses go past to catch the electric one.

Shame the ticket misprinted. Also, I should have taken a photo of the bus. Next time..

Let's take Royal Mail into public ownership: make your voice heard now We Own It

services public services ownership

12 Of New Tory Deputy Chair Jonathan Gullis's Most Eyebrow-Raising Moments

Jonathan Gullis has been appointed as the Conservative Partys deputy chairman following Lee Andersons resignation earlier this year

And these are the ones we know about

Rishi Sunaks latest act of stupidity exceeds even his own high standards

PM's political philosophy appears to be dig hole, walk into it

And sadly takes the whole country down with him.

"Are electric cars too heavy for roads, bridges and car parks"


Power demand from UK datacentres set to surge six-fold over the next decade

National Grid CEO's warning comes as OpenAI chief Sam Altman says nuclear fusion is the answer

, complotto in pausa

di Michele Paris

: Bridge 145, Pierpoints Bridge
: track bridge
: Photo by Wildlife Terry on Flickr


I'm seriously thinking about doing that every time we get water in the yUK when back, because it's only a matter of time before poop ends up in the drinking water source and do we trust them to clean it enough, I don't because of their track record.

In the past when package holidays started out, we all were told to be careful with water in Spain, not to get ice cubes in our drinks etc.

In all the time we have been in Spain only once, we were a bit hmmm about the water source. Luckily it coincided with our annual clean of our water tank. So I dumped some puriclean into the water tank.

"Attaching seaweed spores to used scallop shells could restore UKs coastal kelp forests"

#FreeAssange #Assange #War #UK #USA #US #Freespeech #MSM #Mainstreammedia #Northstream
Incredible clip - people are waking up to Legacy Media Lies & Corruption
Today UK Courts will decide if Julian Assange is to be extradited to the US where he faces 175 years in jail
His crime
Telling the truth.

During the debate various
politicians, known as "Brexiteers", argued that the 's environmental regulations were not stringent enough and after Brexit the will be able to adopt more rigorous environmental standards.

Yesterday, The Guardian revealed that the English companies discharged 4,014,964 hours worth of into Englands rivers in 2023. An all time record.

No further comments.

'British farmers largely supported Brexit, opposing the EUs much-criticised Common Agricultural Policy.'

'Farmers in the UK protested against pro-Brexit rules and trade deals on Monday, claiming they are threatening their livelihoods and food security.'

If only the farmers hadn't supported a policy that threatened their livelihoods and food security.

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Wednesday, 27th March. The headlines: Six feared dead in a bridge collapse ship's data recorder found. holidaymakers struggle with passport rules, barring those over 10 years old. sees a 54% rise in sewage discharges since last year. NHS public satisfaction plummets, yet support for its ideals persists. Review finds protection failures in a case of an infant's murder.

searching for for in

primarily looking for a general purpose / all-round digital compact camera, something similar to the one I already have that has some issues (some floater visible on flat textures like clear sky, temperamental control buttons that sometimes behave unexpectedly)

After 550 years I think this tree deserves to stay. Dont you

Russian attack on Kharkiv residential area kills 1, injures at least 12, including children

Meanwhile, those whose mortgage was paid decades ago make statements like "well the UK has always been a low-income economy", and ask "why did you come here" when pressed about reasons for the decay and what's the plan going forward (at that point they are letting you know they are upset at you). At best, they'll offer a "there's nothing that can be done" and, if taking it personally, "it's not my fault". In private conversations, they may even say, "no more colonies to plunder, so what were the rich supposed to do"

Perhaps a whole generation needs to retire. But even then their votes will continue to count in the wrong direction.

I am hoping beyond hope that someone understands the UK economy well enough to come up with a feasible plan, and has the political savvy and clout to pull it off.

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Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

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