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1 in 5 workers right to threatened by

It's the weekend - do you know where your Ukrainian soldier is

The director of the is out.

Hartwig Fischer has resigned in response to a scandal over stolen artifacts.

One report estimates that over 1,500 objects have gone missing.

Now, Mr. Fischer says the quote, "did not respond as comprehensively as it should have" after uncovering the thefts two years ago.


are reducing the number of days are required to be on campus to enable them to work part-time as they struggle to survive the crisis.

Compact teaching timetables, where lectures and seminars are scheduled over two or three days rather than dotted throughout the week, are being introduced by a number of institutions.

"The flexible energy storage facility, set to be completed by the end of 2024, will be capable of providing the grid with a total 300MWh of flexible capacity as it can operate for two hours at a time."

UK's infrastructure is too expensive: Railways, Trams, and Roads all cost more


Yet another scandal involving the PM negotiating deals for his family's benefit, this time with India.

Fly on the wall states Anton Elizarov is Wagner's new commander.

He commanded an occupation in Ahmet, fought in Syria and Africa.

"Mom, it's Daddy!"

This little girl's father gave his life for her and for his country of Ukraine.

This war must stop - Putin MUST be removed from power.

A Bevy of Mute Swans seen today at Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes


Ukraine has returned 11 more children abducted by Russia

"Another 11 Ukrainian children were brought back from Russia and the temporarily occupied territories," Mykola Kuleba, head of the Save Ukraine organization, said.

In total, the Save Ukraine team managed to return 161 children.


Russian media report another drone attack on Moscow last night. Air defense was at work, all Moscow airports were closed and flights delayed.

This is becoming the new norm for Moscow, it seems.

Splash landing!

Mallard duck landing on Furzton Lake today


Ukraine offensive to speed up as forces break through Russias strongest line of defence

Nadine Dorries took 11-weeks to write a resignation letter.

:catjam: :pensivepartyblob: from : Battersea Celebrated International Cat Day with Unique Feline Residents of 2023:perfect: :polarbear:

Comment progresse l'offensive analyse la situation et conclut positivement dans son dernier billet de blog.

Il y parle aussi de la mort de , mais aussi de nouveau de .

Avez-vous d'autres sources et analyses

Jebus, (big 'C' and small) the world round are so vile and freaking pathetic it would be downright hilarious if they didn't make me nauseous and shudder in horror.

An ever-growing list of the opportunities that the United Kingdom has lost since the conservative government withdrew from the european union.

A trip down memory lane - Exploring the local history The Kildonan Trail Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland, UK

News at 6PM: It's 60 years since MLK's 'I have a dream' speech. Rail strikes are causing disruption in the . The British Museum director is resigning after a theft, although some items have been recovered. has suspended 's FA boss over a kiss row, who vows to defend himself. The BBC has interviewed Taliban co-founder Zaeef. Four people killed in an crash have been named.

: Bridge 54A, Dismantled Railway Bridge
: railway bridge

Brown Hawker (Aeshna grandis)

Taken on Hatfield Moor Reserve, a part of Humberhead Peatlands in (although it may be but very close) with a -FZ200 maxed out on zoom etc.

Unfortunately the only photograph I managed - seems a bit naff in retrospect

Taken when the UK had summers in 2013

The most photographed village in England. This is the row of stone houses from the 17th century, called the Arlington Row in the village if Bibury in the Cotswolds. Thankfully we had good weather on our day trip!

Toto Coelo - Milk from The Coconut

"The UK risks losing out to the US and EU in the global race to a net zero economy unless the government increases green investment by taking a stake in the companies of the future, a thinktank has said."

Would they feel better if the entire was declared a That's the direction we need to travel, after all...

If they make this much fuss about *baby steps*, how will we ever oppose and is a long way off, as yet...

Ukrainian forces break through Russian defences in the south, claims commander

of #1 com

Thank wotsits for good old British chaos. Train strike meant having to get almost the last coach out of town that would make our connection in Manchester. As it is our coach back to Glasgow is running 45mins late due to road chaos in and around the M6 - and probably everywhere else. Shame we won't get more time in Manchester as there's lots of wonderful pride events going in.

Conwy Castle in Wales. Worth the visit if you are in the area. Definitely take a walk along the city walls (where this photo was taken from)

Susan Hall convinced of innate criminality of Black people, Labour MPs allege in searing letter - Evening Standard & in the

Pink News: Strictlys Johannes Radebe opens up about trauma of homophobic bullying: Being punished for who I was ate away at me

Pink News: Far-right anti-drag protesters fail to intimidate LGBTQ+ community in Honor Oak

' alarm as tide of rotting chokes holiday '

'Potentially lethal to fish and dangerous for humans, the summers invader is caused by and strong winds'

''The Kent area also suffers from nutrient enrichment of coastal waters due to discharge as well as .'

Absolutely chucking it down today here in the .

Rest in piece to those wanting a dry !

on Radio Jammor: Female Voices

Brooke Combe - Black is the New Gold

Radio Jammor is on the air...

Broadcasting from to the , &

Weather at 3pm on Sat 26 Aug is settled fine, 14C, pressure steady and 1.2mm rain so far today. Humidity is 89%.

"Two-thirds of the directors who run the s multi-million-pound endowment fund have interests in firms or polluting industries, DeSmog can reveal.

DeSmog previously revealed that the Conservative Party accepted 3.5 million in donations from fossil fuel interests, major polluters and climate science deniers in 2022."

The EU has just clamped down on big tech and social media. Britain, take note.

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