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- to loan back 's looted 'crown jewels'.

walks away from trade talks with over cheese.

: Devizes Wharf 72 Foot Winding Hole
: winding hole
: Photo by barryskeates on Flickr

U.K. walks away from trade talks with Canada

Both Canada and the UK benefited from CETA - Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement - with the EU ,

then the UK walked away, put a tick on brexit and that screwed that . We didn't move. Now they walk again .

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Thu 25 Jan 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 11.8C, 90% relative humidity, pressure falling fast 1009mb. 0.6mm precipitation so far today. Wind is blowing 3.1mph from NW, gusting to 7.4mph.

"Low Carbon secures funds to begin constructing UK solar and battery portfolio"

Sky is hiring a Senior Data Scientist
Location: Osterley, United Kingdom

'Starmer rewards Israels genocide with a veto on Palestinian statehood. The Labour leaders U-turn is returning UK politics to an era of make-believe peacemaking a stalling tactic as Palestinians are starved and slaughtered'
British politics is truly broken

Hot flash: Cold water swimming improves menopause symptoms

The UK government should review how it monitors the carbon footprint of biomass power plants because it cannot show that its current arrangements are good enough, according to the National Audit Office. It said the government currently relies on certified information on the sustainability of biomass supply chains supplied by the generators, but the government failed to evaluate the data.

What a way with words! A goddess.

Trump has a series of trials to attend as he runs for president.

I see the Yoons are having a normal one in reaction to Nicola Sturgeon's honest opinion of a former Prime Minister.

French farmers set waste on fire in the streets of Agen amid protests

U.K. And U.S. Sanction Senior Huthis Over Red Sea Shipping Attacks (more)

Russian military and political VIPs were supposed to be on the board of the Il-76, but at the last moment the FSB prohibited them to board - Andrii Yusov, representative of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate.

He added that only five bodies had been delivered to the local morgue in Belgorod that day.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps emphasized that the year 2024 could be decisive in how the future of Ukraine will develop, and it largely depends on the actions of the Western allies.
"We have to maintain the momentum. And for that we need more diplomatic, (more)



You know things are bad in the when the has a scathing article on how corrupt the British Conservative Party is.

argues against mandatory prison sentences for carrying a knife
> Actor hails tightening of ban on zombie-style knives in England and Wales but says there is no one size fits all solution

Why I carried a knife: The only way is to defend yourself. My life was under attack
> Ahmed Ali, 23, from , started carrying a blade at 16, lost a friend to a stabbing and was knifed himself. This is his story

has joined the coalition of drones for Ukraine, - MoD of Ukraine

delivered two M270 LRU MLRS to Ukraine, MoD of France

joins the recently created Coalition of Drones for , - MoD of Ukraine

Ukraine will begin construction of 4 new nuclear reactors this year, 2 of which will use Russian-made parts, - Reuters

Biden urges US Congress to approve sale to 'without delay', - Reuters

Weather at 6pm on Thu 25 Jan is unsettled, rain later, 10C, pressure falling fast and 5.6mm rain. Humidity is 96%.


will remove the veto on the provision of 50 billion euros of aid to .

24 Russian UAV operators were killed during an attack on the training ground near Illovaisk.


Partners are ready to provide , but we need to complete the preparation for their work, - Ignat

is negotiating a swap deal about long-range cruise missiles to the and , they arm Ukraine with their missiles, - Bloomberg

Your shouldn't be without permission unless there's a notice that is taking place. The had no for the request from the . The has no concept of the problems he may create for them. The explained politely they didn't want to be & complimented the but he kept pushing his view & spilled over when he touched the girl. Embarassed at the way he shows the up.

get to apologise for what, everyone was saying it, are you going to get the whole to apologies for sing is a c*** on new years eve

Good evening. It's 6PM, Thursday, 25th January. The headlines: Humza Yousaf and 's First Minister give evidence at the Inquiry, admitting errors. A Nottingham murderer receives a sentence amid victims' relatives' reactions. In , 20 perish in an aid line, and a UN refuge is hit. Statues in face vandalism before Australia Day. The loans Ghanaian artefacts. Plus, an interview with a Kremlin critic and an Israeli educator on treason allegations.

Nel Regno Unito, la deputata Miriam Cates propone di vietare gli smartphone ai minori di 16 anni, in risposta all'aumento di problemi di salute mentale tra gli adolescenti. Proposta shock, ma il problema esiste eccome.

1.7m station platform project to increase capacity on iconic West Highland Line

New lifts to bring step-free access to Tilehurst station

TOMORROW: Signalling upgrades and level crossing closures in Wokingham to result in diversions for motorists

Emergency work to stabilise a cutting near Fareham in south east Hampshire will mean buses replace trains between Eastleigh and Fareham next week

Fundraiser sets challenge to run an entire rail line in a day for charity

Lion cub takes joyride in open-top Bentley as Thai owner faces prison time

Freedom of Information release:
Grades of Automation (GOA) for , , Elizabeth line, Docklands Light and

"The DLR is currently GOA3"
"Trams are GOA0 we are some way off achieving GOA1."

Direct Line Group is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

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in the .

Full list of payments to sacked or quitting ministers in year of chaos as bill hits 1m

Under the premierships of Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak the financial year 2022/23 933,086 was spent on severance payments

The final amount is on top of the almost 3m spent on payments for special advisers who left their jobs during the same period

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