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- Queen of England flight (-XXEB) landed at Aston Down Airfield at 12/14/2023, 8:49:37 PM

- Queen of England flight (-XXEB) landed at Aston Down Airfield at 12/14/2023, 8:49:34 PM


Jeremy Scahill: Gaza "Scorched-Earth Campaign" Is a "Joint U.S.-Israeli Operation"

Finland will once again close the border with Russia: all Finnish checkpoints to the Russian Federation will be closed, the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Government of Finland had decided to open two checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation from December 14 to January 14.

Mariana Mamonova was pregnant the entire time she was in Russian captivity.

They finally released her in her 9th month of pregnancy.

Watch the documentary Faces of Torture, about Ukrainian POWs who were tortured in Olenivka prison.

Lord Balfour promised Lord Rothschild a home for the in , whilst also promising the an independent Arab state.

As you say, this double dealing set in motion the conflict we see today.

I don't know if you've heard, but last night the Ambassador to the admitted publicly that has NO INTENTION of negotiating a two state solution.

UK bans Russian diamond import as of 1 January 2024 (more)

8pm... time to dance!

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The was struggling in WWI & needed the help of . The powerful lobby had huge influence over Congress, so Lord Rothschild saw an opportunity.

He promised Balfour Jewish help with defeating the Ottoman's on the Southern front, & that he'd also get the lobby to exert their influence on Congress, in exchange for a home for the in .

HOWEVER, Balfour also promised the Palestinians an independent Arab state too.

I was sort of planning to go out tonight to a talk on local history - including festive mince pie eating - but I suspected as it was a work day I wouldn't feel up to it, and in the bath after getting home I knew I just didn't have the energy for getting ready and going.
so it's on to episode 3 season 2 where hopefully it's still sunny ( unlike the ATM)

CNN visited a Gaza hospital. This is what we saw

Heat and anger Maybe for Brits. Living in the EU is very pleasant. Until recently retiring I ran a cross-border financial services company in Europe. Most colleagues were from the EU. Anger and heat Get real. Pity and bewilderment sure but no animosity or ill feelings. Those are the reserve of the British.


The European Union has decided to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova

For climate justice in the UK we need to change our voting system.

KEBHOUZE approda nel Regno Unito

Scopri di pi!

KEBHOUZE approda nel Regno Unito

Scopri di pi!

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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"When you deny people freedom and dignity,

when you humiliate and track them in an open air prison,

where you kill them, as if they were beasts.

They become very angry.

And they do to others,

what was done to them," he said.

UK to back 11 green hydrogen projects under $2.5 bln fund

Tension over U.S. policy on Israel is approaching its snapping point

Trashing Israel's war cabinet, supporting Israel's war effort Biden's two-in-one message

Just met this year-old track and love it a lot!

"Slippery People"
ft & (2022).

Clip plays in the post.

Quasi met degli 86 paesi del hanno gi implementato, o prevedono di attuare, riduzioni significative della portata di assistenza alimentare e nutrizione salvavita
Tutta la fascia del Sahel Tra tentati golpe, guerre e crisi umanitarie in atto... la strategia di o di alzare muri verso i non funzioner.

Matthew came into Survivor UK pretending to be naive but now hes been telling us he knows he has to actually play! That means lying but theyre in a game! 2nd TikTok today:

You can also see my thoughts on what Matthew had to say as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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An hour of Ian Hislop discussing the insanity of last year Why, yes please!


Sunak to travel to Rome for Italian PMs right-wing political gathering

Rishi Sunak will visit Rome this weekend to attend a right-wing political gathering organised by Giorgia Melonis party

So whos paying for the private jet

The taxpayer or a tory donor

Rishi Sunak insists: I am not tetchy I am passionate

Should read: I am not tetchy I am incompetent

The prime minister mounted a defence against claims he is irritable and bad-tempered, suggesting instead he is passionate and gets frustrated when things do not work the way he wants them to

- Queen of England flight (-XXEB) took off from RAF Northolt at 12/14/2023, 4:36:31 PM

- Queen of England flight (-XXEB) took off from RAF Northolt at 12/14/2023, 4:36:09 PM

: Weir 27, Whaddon Weir
: weir

Best of

Disabled people dont need a minister, thinks Sunak they just need to try harder

Orban wants to ruin EU, it must be stopped - Linkevicius

Heading into 2024, to second-string the well-being of highly vulnerable citizens in any country (particularly 1st world) is aboherant and shameful.

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*Except for requests

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- Queen of England flight (-XXEB) landed at RAF Northolt at 12/14/2023, 3:56:21 PM

An introduction: I came here from the tweeter last year Nov, been over where Ive posted nothing even vaguely beer related.

Im South African (Cape Town), living in the UK Home brewer on hiatus since becoming a dad to the cub whos a toddler already. I now have the space again, just need the time. Normally work from home, on sabbatical until March, but busy with minor home renovations.

Well, quite! No. 10 accused of 'appalling' backwards step after scrapping disabilities minister role ITV News

Weather at 3pm on Thu 14 Dec is becoming fine, 7C (feels 5), pressure rising slowly and 0.8mm rain so far today. Humidity is 91%.

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