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: "More sinister is the sense that Freedman describes: Its hard not to think that a culture war is being evoked against you simply for trying to think independently and critically. Science minister Michelle Donelans recent shameful attack on two academics, reporting them to UKRI (the national research-funding body) for extremism and blighting their lives over an accusation that was wholly without foundation, springs to mind but then so does almost everything Donelan and education secretary Gillian Keegan say about the sector in general, and humanities in particular. All those references to woke ideology, intolerant woke bullies and cancel culture are increasingly accompanied by defunding of the humanities, using increased accessibility to education as a fig leaf, as Keegan announced last week.

Your subjects are mocked and called low value, Freedman says. Arts, humanities and social sciences havent played the instrumentalist game, so theyre seen as easy targets by tabloids, by GB News. We would laugh it off, but this is a huge asset to the British economy. More importantly, he continues, its not just a tragedy its almost like a crime to shrink those spaces that provide a home for the inquisitive, the experimental. If the space disappears, its very hard to recreate it."

Nice sunset tonight


A quiet early evening in . We have quite the fancy pump, btw

Man banned from approaching women after terrifying encounter on the train

Harry And Meghan Producing TWO New Netflix Documentaries

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Fri 12 Apr 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 12.8C, 76% relative humidity, pressure steady 1019mb. No rainfall. Wind is blowing 2.5mph from SE, gusting to 9.6mph.

"Waitrose partners with Tonys Chocolonely for ethical cocoa sourcing initiative"

SP Energy Networks is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Salary: Up to 57 000

Police officer who had sex with woman in patrol car put behind bars

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Jonathan Pie nails it again, this time on homeless policy.
NSFW - contains bad language.

Angela Rayner says she will step down if she is found to have committed a crime

I should be reading responses like these in newspapers, if their hallowed "Both Sides" values were actually true, but instead I have to search for Trans voices on Trans issues because British Society doesn't want to think of Trans people as people.

We told you they were coming for Trans Adults, we were ignored and nobody in the media takes up our cause.
They attack the organisations that do stand up for us and most people look away, because it doesn't directly effect them so why give a fuck
Every Queer knows what the score is, it's why we have to break ourselves just to be heard, because allies are few and far between.
Thank fuck we have Mastodon though.

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Remember when Corrie had a and caused such a people refused to call her a , the , and the whole was in a about it. No me either...

Ukraine's state-run energy trader doubles electricity imports due to Russian strikes on energy assets

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1st weekend in AGES with a good weather forecast, so make the most of it!
Find a gorgeous traffic-free cycle route here and go exploring on your bike!
All the routes have interactive maps, tell you about refreshment stop, local forecast + lots more!

A powerful laser weapon will be added to the Royal Navys arsenal.

The cutting-edge DragonFire laser will be installed on a warship by 2027, adding to an already potent array of air defence weapons countering growing drone and missile threats.

Deep orange blooms of Japanese quince.

It had been a windy day - some of the blossoms were damaged.

Did you know that only 25% of 3.2M hectares of woodland in the UK as reported by Forestry Commission are Native TreesWith another 55% being mostly forestry conifers to be cut down and finally 20% of stumps, windrow and felled trees

I didn't, an made a tool that anyone can use to see for themselves:

Mind blowing experience

Weather at 6pm on Fri 12 Apr is fairly fine, showery later, 12C (feels 10), pressure falling slowly and 1.2mm rain. Humidity is 90%.

CoMind is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

The team found that 91 per cent of genes were affected, with many switching on and off at the wrong time of day. was once thought to be unachievable however, the growth of the means it is now a real possibility. In addition, new plans are in place for going to the in 2025 via the UK programme.

: Bridge 8 Lichfield St
: road bridge
: Photo by Kotomi on Flickr

My friends Hedgy and Hazel this evening. These two have been working non-stop feeding their 5 chicks for almost 2 weeks. Today, the largest chick almost left the nest - it probably will leave it for good tomorrow. In .

harm : the number of data subjects affected by central government personal data breaches has increased by *8000%* since 2019, according to official statistics disclosed by the Information Commissioner's Office, in response to an FOI request.

Bluebells and forget me nots in the garden

Law in action

UK Energy Minister Graham Stuart quits government ahead of election #EnergyandClimate #Energysecurity #SocialMedia #Elections #Emissions #Security #Netzero #career #Energy #Media #CO2 #UK

"England could produce 13 times more renewable energy, using less than 3% of land analysis"



Palestinian Christian Reverend Mitri Raheb speaks outside United States Capitol

This apple blossom, wafted in gentle air in the warm bright spring sunshine, is a magnet for pollinators of all kinds.

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